Japanese netizens look at the parade: no United States, Japan or into Chinese territory

Japan the United States military live broadcast

qiushibaohuanqiuwang· 2017-07-31 16:10:20

"China is very strong and Japan is really going to lose now.". "

7 in the morning of 30 August 9, to celebrate China people's Liberation Army 90th anniversary, held a parade in Inner Mongolia's training base, this is the new China since its establishment for the first time the Army Day military parade. Japanese NIKONIKO also broadcast the parade at the same time.

first of all, the big training base for Inner Mongolia is in sight.

" official parade has not started, there have been users in Japan to send a barrage of exclamation China is ranked third in the world military Communist countries.

aerial, is the Chinese Army's neat armored vehicles and military equipment.

" in the training of elite troops, with the army 90 years of glory, with a hundred division era of bear, gathered in the parade, accept Mr Xi's review and swear to the party and the people: the command of the party, to win the war, a fine style of work.

" the parade nine combat group 36 infoteam in, more than 12000 soldiers, see 129 aircraft and 571 sets of weapons and equipment, to start clearing FenLieShi through the review, Taiwan, including 40% new equipment is the first public appearance.

" live, "greetings to the officers and men of learning greatly Comrades good", by reading the soldiers replied: "president!" reflects the attitude and obey the command of the army officers and soldiers will.

, Japanese netizens also lamented that Xi is a great national leader in asia.

, Japanese netizens for the first time to see Digital Camouflage of Chinese military vehicles.

, orderly Chinese soldiers.

have a large-scale exercise field was down in terms of child nursing. The military and trade Xian Ma Che America, Che Che in super forms of Camouflage - language was was? Day and sweet sweet, I China ne forms of national creative: oh oh oh oh oh, sweet speech was actually made me cry "img_box

live in Japan, users have lamented the military power of China (blue words are a barrage of translation).

"to serve the people's army"

"number of equipment."

"a little nervous about the 2333"

"naval camouflage handsome"

"Oriental prestige"

"China is very strong, now Japan will really lose"

"no words of the United States, Japan will finish"

"! Chinese army"

"good and bad than Japan"

"now is the Chinese power"

"... Just like that? "

" there are a lot of new equipment, "

" is not the United States, Japan could become a part of the "

" China Japan possibility win is 100%, the number of soldiers are so much. "

military and trade has surpassed the United States"

"would lose ah Japan, without the word"

"is equipped with new and good"

"exercise field scale, but this is the envy of the"

"soldier handsome ah"

"powerful army."

", the US military will lose it"

"can put so many vehicles really envy"

" Hope that relations between Japan and Chinese can become "

" in addition to the United States, no rival. "

" although not willing to, but Chinese was very powerful "

" to tell the truth, very envious of this military force "

" so many vehicles, incredible, "p>

" UAV is really China in the development of "

" Chinese become powerful "than the Russian

" terrible, there are so many tanks "

" these equipment Japan also hopes to have it "

" China into power "

east of prestige and clima Xian I ~. In readiness readiness - soldiers, after last live was actually Japanese woman to child was sweet - Sweet - ~ woman envy thou integrity of the military force was terms -

, the whole live process, Xiao Bian is also excited with the heart
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