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" recently, the EIU released 2017 global each big city life cost survey, statistics of the world's 133 City, also the average of the four activities, and were ranked. In the top 10 cities, Singapore topped the list, while Asian cities accounted for half of it. Among the top 5 cities, more than 4 cities are from asia. Followed by Europe, there are 4 cities on the list, while the economic strength of the world's first in the United States, only 1 cities in New York list.

" [Asia] from striking: the gap between rich and poor in the top 10 city in Asia occupy half of the seats, enough to see the high cost of life in a big city in asia. Singapore, for the four year in a row, topped the list and became the world's most expensive city. Singapore's consumer spending index is around 117 if the cost of living in New York, which is ninth, is 100. Here, both food and beverage prices are at a high level, the per capita monthly consumption of 600-800 new coins / month (about 3000 yuan - 4000 yuan).

", in fact, the price level in Singapore has been much higher by high car prices. It is reported that in Singapore, a Japanese made TOYOTA "corolla" type car priced at $110 thousand, while neighboring Malaysia sold only 35 thousand U. s.dollars. Even if you do not buy a car, the bus fare is not cheap. It takes 4-6 Singapore dollars to take a 5 kilometer bus. Relatively, the price of renting and buying houses in Singapore is cheaper and the cost of entertainment is relatively low.

, second of the cost of living in Hongkong, china. The biggest monthly expenditure for Hongkong residents is on renting and eating. Hongkong, for example, has a 6809 bedroom apartment with no furniture and a monthly rent of up to $two, and a cup of coffee costs nearly $8. In the case of equal income, Hongkong people spend nearly 8% of their income on rental housing compared to new yorkers. However, the "shopping paradise" called Hongkong in clothing, daily necessities and other aspects of the price is considered very reasonable.

" Japan Tokyo and Osaka were ranked fourth and the cost of living of five city. Last year, two cities ranked seventh and ninth respectively. The main reason for the rise this year is the strengthening of the yen rather than the volatility of the cost of living itself.

, Seoul, Korea, is the sixth city with the highest cost of living. In terms of housing costs, Seoul has the lowest monthly rental rate compared to other cities. But the overall cost of living in Seoul is close to Hongkong, especially the price of daily food. At the Korean supermarket Homeplus website, a kilogram of dry noodles is priced at $4, two times the size of WAL-MART, an American retailer, and $13.91 for 1 loaves of bread.

a high price although Asian city level developed staggering, but another part of the cost of living in the city of Asia ranked the end. Of the 10 cities with the lowest cost of living, Asia accounted for 6 of the cities. Among them, 4 in India city on the list, including Bangalore (131), Chennai (127), Mumbai (tied for 127) and New Delhi (124). This is mainly due to the India government last year abolished the face value of 1000 rupees and 500 rupees bill, making some families large spending reduced or delayed, the overall consumption level decreased.

" [the European welfare state high consumption] European ranking 10 city the highest worldwide cost of living are Zurich (third), Geneva (seventh), Paris (by seventh) and Copenhagen (Ninth). In these cities, diet is an important part of spending. Buying 1 kg of bread in Zurich costs $3.5, or about 22.75 yuan, while Romania, the capital of Bucharest, needs only 71 cents to buy. In addition, Zurich and Geneva prices is alarmingly high, about 10 times in Ukraine Kiev, about $26 1 kg.

, in addition, the cost of accommodation is also a huge overhead. In Zurich, for example, the city's two bedroom monthly rent of 3500 Swiss francs, or about 23 thousand yuan; without furniture, two bedrooms, monthly rent of 3000 Swiss francs, or about 20 thousand yuan. Ordinary section two bedroom apartment, monthly lease for 2500 Swiss francs, about 17 thousand yuan; without furniture, two bedroom apartment monthly rent 1900 francs, or about 13 thousand yuan.

", but overall, the expensive living costs of European cities have higher pay levels
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