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Fashion summer kid

dongxiertongjiaoyu· 2017-08-01 05:35:42

Russian supermodel small adorable baby Anna, not only in all kinds of fashion advertising and magazine in the outstanding performance, the fashion small hemp bean PW is very high degree of concern, her instagram gathered 40w+ fans in the daily dress small fan supermodel and comfortable, don't talk about are we to see the small summer PW diary supermodel!

for ballet Princess Anna childhood ballet, summer is also a lot of time wearing clothes out, wearing a ballet skirt she is very healthy and lovely we

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because of the ballet practice of elegance, so wear skirt to Princess Anna is really princess!

Ballet Dress practice, wear skirt with flounce skirt, can not help but want to dance to them hot blue color and fresh + powder there is no dress elements flounce size

" on the cuffs, the sweet face off a more pleasant amounting to

" have to say shoulder falbala really remarkable sweet, shy to be put in the bud like we

dress, summer is also an essential element, shoulder design bow bandage will add to the princess feel

< /p> for fringe again, add a little child We

" wear a T-shirt in a sling, follow the fashion collocation

" summer flowers dress how much! The selection of a variety of printed or wave, pattern dress, style does not need to be too complicated, there are always facing the sea and cheerful mood you

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to all kinds of cheap plastic headdress hairpin or a color circle, with a fresh wreath, this is the girl hair right to open the way it size

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into various stereo fabric of the hoop and playful yet size

is not the same as the small crown princess Anna

cowboy fashion

cowboys are inseparable from the summer sky.". Wearing cowboy children is not only fashionable and handsome, but also resistant to dirt and wear. All kinds of conjoined jeans or a cowboy suit, both sling and sleeves, short or long, wear after a second cool


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