Men fall unconscious Street passers: there are car recorders can help

Father vehicle recorder Henan Hangzhou

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" to save the picture by

night, driving on behalf of little brother fell dizzy in the street, driving through the nurse Hu Yajie and his father saw the danger, immediately get off for driving on behalf of little umbrella shelter, and call 120 to help.

"help him, a car driving recorder, it doesn't matter"

7 on Sept. 30 at 1 pm, Nanyang road and West intersection occurred breathtaking scene, a cyclist who is affected by driving on behalf of open manhole and rainwater in the road and fell down on the motorway.

at 1:10 in the morning, Hu Yajie drove his father came home, father and daughter two people at a distance of about 40 meters by driving on behalf of danger.

Hu Yajie let her father get off to check, she parked the car at about 10 meters from the accident scene in the road, lit double flashing, prompting the attention of the vehicle behind the detour. The

vehicle recorder takes pictures of the two daughters in the park. When Hu Yajie got off the bus, he encouraged him to help him".

Hu Yajie and his father forinjuredblock the rain umbrella. She calls on behalf of the driving brother did not get a response, I found the head was wrapped in a raincoat, bent down from the raincoat brother head, avoid breathing affect raincoat brother.

Hu Yajie view two wounds brother face, to find the toilet paper to help by pressing hemostasis. Then worry about brother of intracranial hemorrhage and 110 case, call 120 for help, and the two brother will send an ambulance to drive away.

"saving is instinct, not saving conscience,"

recently, the reporter saw Hu Yajie in a hospital in Henan.

Hu Yajie heard that to understand the rainy night rescue driving on behalf of the little brother of things, immediately said sheepishly: "save occupation is instinct, not save conscience. "

Hu Yajie 2011 years of dedication to the hospital, let the Department colleagues have added to her appreciation, department director Zhang said the business is good, serious and responsible work, performance has been very good, the rescue is accidental is inevitable.

Hu Yajie said, in the early morning drive brother fainted in the street, not only were the rain continued to drop, the vehicle passing speed are not slow, if the vehicle did not notice the way faint brother, may lead to a tragic accident due to negligence. She and her father are likely to make choice of parking save brother out of danger.

"when it comes to things like that, my father and I can't drive away.". "Hu Yajie said," if you do not come forward to help, then, from the professional ethics and conscience can not get through. "

friends said home help aunt fell falsely hundreds of thousands of police have been involved in the

" a woman riding a cable car down in front of my house, I helped her, did not think she charged me, push me out of medical expenses, to hundreds of thousands of. Hangzhou Xiaoshan District netizen "Grace sister" in July 27th in the local forum post said.

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