Carry on "fairy wand", vivo X9s map reward

Vivo cosmetics zaker Han Han

ZAKERkeji· 2017-08-01 09:11:17


team recently sent a mobile phone to let the girl take it, vivo, X9s.

for mobile phone girls requirement is far from the requirements of watching you, as long as you can hit a key point of their life in the requirement, can so they are willing to pay the payment.

not to mention that the key point is the most important part of their lives: beauty. So I just put

in the mobile phone box has been Bao Ye robbed in the past, and as a straight completely unimaginable speed to complete the following self.

" well, undeniable treasure Ye is beautiful. (the original upload did not do any processing, only compressed size)

now looking at these photos readily taken out, I still faint in mind there will be a sound: if you make-up can also be so fast, how good. This is the reason why so many girls are willing to buy cosmetics, not only for the eyes of the beholder, even to look at themselves are also very happy ah, just a mobile phone to help them quickly to complete the process, you can always see the most beautiful one.

Bao Ye said that after this can bring a private property on his small problems continued to iPhone 6, I refused to work is a word, what a joke, when a magic wand can whenever and wherever possible in the makeup of a girl on the hand, you expect her to return it to you?

so this wand oh no this is my mobile phone to shoot with other woman, one of the.

Wen is our girl, hey hey hey hey hey hey... University in Chinese, is not calm my heart to hear the professional, because I always remember Han Han once said: love literature people are ugly, or who is engaged in literature.

" but now, I hope I can put down in front of Han Han Xiao Wen to give her a naked anti example.

" in the photo, I told Wen chatted a few words about her feelings for X9s and how, after all the female mobile phone users vivo or a large proportion of.

what do you think of this cell phone?

very well, the photos taken by hand are very nice, and the definition is very high. Xiao Wen was very happy to tell me.

... That's all? I have a black question mark.

well, I think ah, oh, there you see, before using the camera to shoot the beauty, hair and background part is fuzzy together, looks bad. This photo, double open it feeling and background of cutting open, portrait is more prominent.

well, that seems to mobile phone or have requirements, not to say that just a mobile phone with a beauty APP can.

of course, although I don't understand the phone, ha, but the difference between the photos is to see.

yes, you should know more about this than we do.

ha, in fact, mobile phone, I think it is to be divided into three levels to treat, such as iPhone, that is after the first hand new people buy ah, or your digital fancier and for high configuration; those machines, buy are more fancy these people, but if the market only these two types of optional, girls how to buy a mobile phone? So vivo belong to the third class, we each group has its own exclusive mobile phone can buy, very good ah, so you ah, think of it as a part of the cosmetics we girls in life can be, who understand us to buy cosmetics and clothes shoes bag, can't you see ~

haha Chinese, science is not the same girl.

" you may not know is that a woman, ZAKER proportion is large, and in this beautiful woman in a large proportion of the proportion is large, two big together almost an extremely stable state ZAKER and ecological system that day, we go to work even if it is sitting in a daze will feel the eyes are gentle, harmonious, intoxicated... (this is not good to my daily work, you don't in the comments. I have so little salary to live)

in such a big environment, often can see some things we usually do not care about, such as see the configuration list of X9s.

, that's what we care about

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