Today 81, salutes Chinese soldier!

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renminribao· 2017-08-01 10:29:19

today, Jun Jun day,

, let's pay tribute to the Chinese soldiers!

90 years ago, Nanchang city a shot of a young

party establishing a truly belongs to the people's army since

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80 years ago. The

pedal sandals they break through the layers of interception, conquer the mountain grassland

China revolution was full of new life

" is that they decided to carry the hope of the nation has become the mainstay of the

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is that they marched across the Yalu River

with their lives and blood and powerful enemy battle

created justice and peace monument

" is that they changed the Gobi desert

mushroom cloud jumping, and the "East is red"

let Chinese emboldened no longer afraid of any power

time flies when the smoke of war, they no longer go

still proudly standing in behind us for our guard

years of quiet good

give us a full sense of security

when disaster strikes

they are raging flames and warrior

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" is a flood in the


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" is a dangerous situation in

mud wrapped still did not give up the firm and

" in the face of provocation, they never vague

boundary is the bottom line of

China. Not at all

" Linhaixueyuan, Gobi rapids

the loyalty of their defense of the state border in exchange for peace,

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compatriots is difficult, no matter how far they will escort you home

the motherland is always the most solid rely on

in their confidence no matter the sky, or ride into battle or whether

waters, military escort

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never careless they brave

the needs of the people is off, not vague

to their resolute will,

has an irresistible force overwhelming enemy and difficult

without being overwhelmed by the difficulties of the enemy and the bloody

tired even if they will never be a

"they also have tears

may be snow border rush side of

may also be hug a lover tenderness

" every time they shed tears every time to tackle tough

every time

is to go through fire and water dark behind

let you enjoy the sunshine I < /p>

today's people's Liberation Army Chinese

marching in the construction of a world-class military road from


in the desert, blue sky teams become more efficient, more combat

" toi, Airland


dream of a hundred years, the country's weighing

Pibozhanlang, a dark blue

blue sky, I am invincible

thousands of miles away, the sky

big sword, Yijianfenghou

fear the war ended the war, strategic ace

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