UK game week sales: "crash wolf madness Trilogy" continues to lead

Game UK GTA5 color jet regiment 2

youxiputao· 2017-08-01 10:31:30

's new British sales figures released this week showed no change in the top three of the week's sales, namely, the crash trilogy, the color jet group 2, and the GTA5.

bandicoot bandicoot

Trilogy "crazy crazy Trilogy" since its launch more than five weeks, which all won the sales champion. "Color jet group 2" performance is also very gratifying, the sale for two weeks still can firmly occupy second place. Ranked third is the British old friend "GTA5", basically it is difficult to see it fell out of the top five sales.

color jet group 2

last week because of hardware bundle promotions, Bethesda three games on the top of the list of breath rushed, "radiation 4" "doom", "shame" had 2 sales list fourth fifth and sixth.

last week in Europe for the sale of Nintendo RPG game "Mii" social utopia got a list of seventh results, the new offering game "Rugby League 4" in eighth. The following is the top 20

complete list:


injection group 2


color crazy Trilogy 4

radiation doom



Football League 4

FIFA topon shame 17

, wild Ghost Recon

horizon: Dawn of the Lego

zero Rainbow Six: the siege of

battlefield 1

rocket alliance

Zelda: Wilderness information

Mario kart 8 Deluxe Edition

call of Duty: the endless war

the injustice League Forza horizon 3

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