Zheng Shuang costume fashion exposure, or that little fairy?

Exposure Zheng Shuang Phoenix totem Wukong Chuan

juziyule· 2017-08-01 11:31:33

comes with a hot search cool girl physique recently boarded the hot search Yi double Ruo, this is because users exposed a group of the latest cool girl costume styling, netizens refer to cool girl costume is really beautiful! A group of photos of

" on your own feelings, the heart has been orange Jun said this flourishing beauty ten thousand crit!

, it's clear that the play is a costume drama, but what kind of drama is it? The orange man is not known yet, but he is looking forward to it."!

in fact, cool sister fashion modeling has been amazing.

from the beginning of "painted wall" in the fairy "Peony" ↓

Costume drama "Wu Zetian" in the history of "Princess" ↓

"Phoenix totem" in "Ning butterflies" ↓

" Gu Jian "in the little foxes" Xiang Ling "↓

to the recently released" Wu kongzhuan "in a" &darr

dynamic map is beautiful orange ah Jun minutes to cry!

had to say, Cool Girl Costume other is really nice! Some netizens describe bright sister, "there are stars in the eyes, laugh in the breeze."! "Orange," he agreed! Looking forward to cool sister's next costume!

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", which one do you like best?

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