Users drying second-hand iPhone 6S, appreciate not

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shoujizhongguo· 2017-08-01 21:12:21

[mobile china news] although iPhone in the country's popularity and retention are very high, but for many consumers is still very expensive to exist, then select the used iPhone is a good choice. However, in the purchase of second-hand iPhone should always pay attention to, or it will be like the following netizens like to buy wonderful second-hand goods.

" this netizen claimed that the purchase of second-hand iPhone, but did not know the true and false, we just put aside and look at his this iPhone how wonderful. In fact, in normal use, and no special place this iPhone, but once the music will be "flash blind", at the bottom of the mobile phone speakers do not know is not modified, with the rhythm of the music starting bright lantern, could not bear to look, see Jobs to hit.

" but at the bottom of this micro-blog, users seem to dig out the truth. In the original Taobao universal, there are iPhone 6S speakers of the marquee customization service fees from tens of dollars to more than 100 yuan. So sultry music playing posture, Sao year is not a whole?

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