Siri really can only be used to laugh it?

Apple Kung Pao Chicken Dwayne Johnson music

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believes that these two days, we have been friends for Siri advertising scraper.

" we specifically used to "flirt" impression of Siri, in the film has become a good helper. Compared to the previous "stupid" image, Siri seems to have changed a lot now.

" (picture from Apple's official website),

, then what changes have taken place in the Siri? In the film "Dwayne Johnson and Siri's Day", apple gave us the most intuitive display.

, just 3 and a half minutes of the film, Dwayne Johnson with Siri, completed a full day of challenges. Siri Johnson to help small business: from the phone, to create reminders based on location, or re planning the schedule, even shooting in outer space from the camera, Siri can easily finish.

in the beginning of the film received a challenge Johnson, began a one-day trip: "Hey Siri, I want to see the life goal reminders. "

" content_img_p "after the go, Johnson said," Hey Siri, help me to call the car, and then back to the old bank, a road racing to the airport, and then the "whirlwind" flight to Rome.

in a painting, Johnson received an e-mail, it is not convenient to operate the mobile phone so he let Siri help him read out.

in the outer space even wearing a thick suit, can not use the mobile phone case, Siri can still help him open the camera, and then press the volume keys to a self timer.

at the end of the movie, Johnson finished the day rush to travel around the world, and from outer space back to the studio filming. When he finished his day's work, he didn't forget to encourage Siri: "Hey, Siri, you're the best.". "Siri is a humorous ridicule Johnson:" thank you, beautiful head of mr.. "

, we can see that Siri is not what we used to think. So, so many powerful functions, why not make good use of it? Stop flirting with it!

here, AppSo (public number AppSo) will introduce some Siri usage, let it deal with work and life needs, become your life in the practical assistant.

scan below the two-dimensional code, pay attention to the public number AppSo, reply to "Siri", access to Siri password list, you can use it immediately after reading, let you liberate your hands. Client view below.

1. opens App

, and as we install more and more app, it's a hassle to find. uses Siri and just calls you, and the app you want is turned on.

in addition, you can also let Siri turn on / off the system settings, or you can play a song in Apple Music.


you can contact any personal mail list in the phone, send text messages to you by Siri, or FaceTime, even mail no problem .

in addition, the iOS 10 SiriKit makes the third party communications app also has the ability to be called by Siri. Want to send a message with QQ? Just call Siri, say "QQ, tell XX", and add the message you're going to say.

3. schedule

whether the alarm clock, memo, calendar reminders or Siri, tell the time and place, object and event elements, it can help you to arrange.

just needs to say, "Hey Siri, remind me XX," and never worry more about going to the supermarket, forgetting to buy something, or missing an important meeting. It will even tell you where your next meeting will be.

4. information can help you query the

Siri almost everything you need to query the contents of both words, location, information, stock market etc.. And , it is no longer before the "lengtouqing" and said: "I want it Kung Pao Chicken", but for you to search Kung Pao Chicken approach. Now, it will tell you where to eat Kung Pao Chicken.

apart from that, it can help you find out where there is a bar. What's the latest NBA game? Only you can't think of it. No, it can't do it.


Siri music songs song identification has not been bad, you only need to ask " it on now is what song?

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