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tengxunjunshi· 2017-08-02 07:01:39

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[Global Times correspondent in Japan, Global Times reporter Wang Panpan blue song of Solomon] 1, Japanese Foreign Minister Kishida Fumio in the cabinet meeting held a press conference, confirmed Chinese in the East China Sea claimed by Japan in the middle, "line Chinese parked near the side of the mobile mining ship, is a job". Kishida said it was "extremely regrettable" that China continued to develop its territory unilaterally in the Middle East Sea area, which has not yet been demarcated. It has protested through diplomatic channels and called on China to stop its operations. "In fact, China never admit Japan's so-called" middle line "," China ocean development research center researcher Yu Zhirong 1, on the "Global Times" reporter said, Chinese in their own waters to exploit natural gas as unalterable principles Japan's so-called "protest", not worth mentioning.

, the day before Kishida Fumio's announcement, many Japanese media on the matter were reported. "Yomiuri Shimbun" reported that the "middle line" in the East China Sea near the China parked a new mining device, Japan China suspected in the exploitation of natural gas in it. Japan's Defense Ministry confirmed in late July this year that China was moving its mobile dredge into the middle side of the middle line. Japan's coast guard issued a navigational warning on July 28th to remind ships sailing in the vicinity, the Japan economic news said.

, Japan's Kyodo news agency, speculated that China had already built 16 oil and gas mining facilities nearby, which may be a pilot run for the construction of new mining facilities. The last time a mobile mine was found moored last October. China has been conducting "unilateral" development, the Asahi Shimbun said. In June this year, the "maritime consultation", the Japanese side called for renewed negotiations on joint development agreement, but the Chinese side did not agree.

1 Yu Zhirong told the "Global Times" reporter, June 2008, Chinese government and the government of Japan Yasuo Fukuda was on the East China Sea issue reached consensus in principle and common development of the first step to reach an understanding, but the agreement to stop here, because Japan makes cooperation difficult implementation promise and then deny in succession. In September 2010, the Japanese patrol boats sank in the waters of the Diaoyu Islands Chinese, arrested and sentenced China captain Zhan Qixiong, a political move has seriously undermined the status quo in the East China Sea, Japan showed no desire for a peaceful solution to the problem. In 2012, the Japanese government announced that the Diaoyu Islands were nationalized, making the issue even more complicated.

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