Chinese people "saved" the Thailand property market? The truth can be cruel"

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this summer, "to Thailand tourism" has become a lot of people's vacation keywords.

according to statistics, in 2016 the number of Chinese tourists traveling to Thailand reached 8 million 770 thousand people, and brought 85 billion 600 million yuan of income to Thailand.

however, according to media reports, before the about 8000000 Chinese not only travel to Thailand, they also do this:


" Thai movie stills embarrassed questions such as: buy a house!

foreign buyers, the Chinese people as the "main force"

, how hot is this trend? Let's take a look at the data given by the media.

according to Thailand, "Bangkok daily" reported on July 18th, Thailand well-known real estate developers CEO Shang Sirui outhay said in a briefing, 2017 in the first half of the group's sales amounted to 15 billion baht (about 3 billion yuan), growth of 20% over the same period last year, of which foreign buyers with more and more big, Chinese is "the main force".

"input" about 2900000 the Thailand housing "in the search engines, including various types of advertising.

said that in 2014, foreign buyers Uthai, with sales of only 1 billion 492 million baht, last year has increased to 5 billion 418 million baht, is expected to reach 8 billion baht (about 1 billion 600 million yuan) this year, the China mainland and Hongkong market the most rapid growth.

Chinese in order to expand the market, is currently in Beijing serein offices, the year will be in Shanghai, Shenzhen, set up offices in Guangzhou, to achieve full coverage of Chinese first-tier cities.

"on the Thailand real estate Chinese Webpage on real estate advertising

and purchase in other countries there is a difference, Chinese in Thailand to buy the" real estate ", mainly refers to the" apartment". Because Thailand law does not allow foreigners to buy land, only to buy apartments, and a project only 49% of the apartment can be sold to foreigners, and the remaining 51% must be sold to Thai people.

in recent years, Thailand economic growth is relatively slow, bank loans to the Thai media that this strict examination and approval, 49% quotas for foreigners has become a lot of developers of the "new hope", while the China market is the priority among priorities.

"looking around the world, foreign buyers are largely Chinese buyers, because China's economy continues to grow, the rich class expanded, and not far from Thailand.". China's market is so large, it is a major way out of Thailand real estate. "Thailand's" public opinion "reported in January this year.

"property buyers to buy a house in Thailand. ("Bangkok post")

"public opinion newspaper" the article also said that the current Thailand apartment into the China market there are two main ways, one is the developers themselves to China publicity, direct docking Chinese consumers; two developers and intermediary intermediary cooperation, earn a certain percentage of fees, and may impose to the buyer a fee of .

, as well as an intermediary company, even pays a deposit for a 49% of the apartment and sells it to the buyer. Chinese buyers generally have to pay 30% down payment.

"Thailand Pattaya for tourists Chinese investment sales Seaview

due to the overseas market actively, according to the observation of sharp reference , Bangkok city's ubiquitous new apartments opened advertising, apartment supply is very adequate. How cheap is the

apartment in Thailand? Down payment minimum monthly 4000 yuan,

Thailand apartment for foreigners attraction exactly where come from? A Chinese in Bangkok gave his answer.

Chinese guy Yu Yu has been working in Bangkok for 4 years and plans to grow in Bangkok for a long time. He tried to live, and finally bought a 30 square meter house in Bangkok area.

small Yu said that the apartment attracted him most is public space, the roof swimming pool, gym, reading room, these facilities are difficult to provide domestic housing.

"small Yu buy public space in the apartment

reading a small depression in the apartment from the subway station about 1 kilometers distance, the average price per square meter in Manhattan 19 baht (about 38 thousand yuan), it is worth noting that Thailand the apartment area is the actual area, unlike the domestic housing that contains the pool area.

Bangkok traffic congestion is serious, the government in recent years to build rail transit, although the speed is relatively slow, but in 2020 is expected to have a number of line opened, these lines along the forward delivery housing is relatively low, because the price per square meter, some less than 100 thousand baht (about 20 thousand yuan), therefore, has been the local market and foreign buyers favor.

in addition, Bangkok Residence, especially the faster model of purchase compared with the domestic, but also very different, less pressure repayment.

" - Thailand Bangkok
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