A man even Li Jiacheng can't live without! The sale netted by 100 billion

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as the saying goes, a soldier who does not want to be a general is not a good soldier. Similarly, in the commercial battlefield, people always say "work" word does not come out, do not want to be an employee of CEO, must not go on top of life.

, however, there is such a person, part-time work also played Jiangshan, played fame, and even become a lot of people chasing commercial idol.

he is the general manager of Hutchison Whampoa , Li Jiacheng's right-hand man, the strongest person "work emperor" Huo Jianning.

" broke the annual salary of millions of heir

was more than the strongest "work emperor", a big reason is because Huo Jianning is really very rich. He has been reelected for many years, Hong Kong listed companies work, the emperor's salary, the light tax amounted to tens of millions. Take a look at the official disclosure of the shocking amount, Huo Jianning almost every year income of billions of dollars.

2006, his salary not only in the top, even direct rolling boss Li Jiacheng's eldest son Li Zeju.

", in addition to high wages, Huo Jianning's life is also extremely luxurious. He spent HK $350 million price to buy Deep Water Bay Road No. 37 mansion, this billion yuan mansion stands in the hillside, overlooking a South Sea and deep water bay golf course, so it is called "the Hong Kong version of Palace of Versailles".

", "luxury car" plate also printed with their English name "CANNING"".

" is the interpretation of the strength of managing what is called "money to fly", working toward the pinnacle of life.

young promising, seize the opportunity to emerge,

, of course, Huo Jianning can make so much money, and his ability is proportional to.

Huo Jianning was born in an ordinary teacher's family, has studied in the United States and Australia, holds a Bachelor of Arts degree and a multinational accountant qualification. After returning to study in 1979, he went to Li Jiacheng's Cheung Kong industrial group as accounting director. That year, Huo Jianning was only 27.

by virtue of their talents and abilities, Huo Jianning a meritorious promotion. In fact, thanks to a bole, that is, and Huang's former large class - Ma Shimin.

as general manager of Ma Shimin and Huang on a business trip to Japan, Huo Jianning was seconded to the Ma Shimin accident found that this population was amazing, he is an excellent negotiator. Back in Hongkong, Ma Shimin recommended Li Jiacheng to Huo Jianning.

Li Jiacheng also appreciate Huo Jianning talent, Huo Jianning resigned in 1985 as the long board, Huo Jianning was only 35 years old.

and Huo Jianning caught the chance in time. At that time Li Jiacheng coincides with the important period of career development, after several large single pile in canning repeatedlyspectacular, not only paved the way for Li Jiacheng's multinational territory, has gradually emerged, established his important position in Li Jiacheng's side.

" (in his early years, Huo Jianning in the board of directors of zuoci, only in the

: a Moxi) in late 80s, Li Jiacheng after the acquisition of Hutchison Whampoa  and overseas business losses on yellow stock price is at a low level. After Huo Jianning took over, through continuous restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, the success of the business turn loss into surplus.

second: in 1986, Li Jiacheng optimistic about the Canadian oil industry, when the international oil prices plummeted, Li Jiacheng took advantage of low-cost acquisition of oil company Heskey. This is Li Jiacheng's first large-scale overseas investment, but the initial return has been unsatisfactory, excessive expansion and even make the company debt soaring. After Huo Jianning took over, continue to optimize the financial and business, debt restructuring, and actively cultivated oil and gas well, and thereafter Heskey re listed on the Toronto stock exchange, the group won a special profit of HK $6 billion 500 million from.

accounting Huo Jianning was born, in the money this thing on the talent is very high, he was evaluated as "full of Hong Kong media money cells".

1993, Huo Jianning with excellent performance to replace his "Bole" Ma Shimin, successfully sitting on the yellow and general manager position.

a deal to make billions of Butler lay position of

go on high Huo Jianning faces a great challenge.

, one of the most famous and drastic cases, is the legendary "hundred billion selling orange" event.

, Li Jiacheng, and actively develop multinational enterprises, telecom business is a very important part. That year, the European mobile communications business is undergoing a historical transformation, and the British Telecom Network Rabbit, which had previously invested in Huang, has lost market. So Li Jiacheng decided to give up Rabbit and instead focus on "Orange" that was not going well at that time, opening a new generation of communications business. And Huo Jianning became the first person to be in charge of the project.

in just a few years, Huo Jianning has shown a great deal of talent

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