With the people's Liberation Army than American soldiers suffer far

The United States the soldiers the PLA men.

daguozhiyi· 2016-05-06 02:23:17

recently, a group entitled "the U.S. military is not all young master training intensity is not low," the popular network. The article said: how can the young master soldiers bear such a heavy responsibility? Reason, military training is a bit ambiguous, especially the elite forces, it is what, alright, no fuck off. With a group of "Rangers" military training, even let the domestic each big network Xiaobian have broken knee. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" I am the liberation army officers and men of good temper is good, but they can not help but say "Ha ha"!

American soldiers feet, all love dearly unceasingly. In fact, who battle youth do not peel, Liberation Army iron soldiers from scratch to foot let American soldiers to experience what is hard to eat the bitter, what is slightly injured FireWire.

black beetle and caterpillar uninvited, we still

mouth and nose bleeding, we do not fire

took off a layer of skin is ha Da

practiced hard, our hands are like "img_box

training hard, Also by U. s.troops soldiers are not "" "" "" "" >

"" "" "" >

"" "" "our feet so

American master training intensity is not low, "said, in recent years a few female Ranger training, training process and male soldiers, after all, the bullet not men and women.

with a dagger Bihuabihua, weight-bearing jungle march. To tell the truth, according to this standard, the people's Liberation Army did not seem too the female when a woman.

they log, training and male soldiers like

them, the mud can I argue is the male and female training (really is not difficult for everyone, two are female)

they also played

gun can play them, "img_box"

them, barbed wire still climbing

them fire without fear

these two pieces of also can make the website Xiaobian collective worship American soldiers, the wings (ID:daguozhiyi) had to give them popularity a people's Liberation Army training knowledge.

in the water, so we practice

into the water, so we practice

in the mud, so we practice

to the snow, so we practice

in the desert, so we practice

to content_img_p "in Gobi, so we practice

pass through the fire, we such a practice

to one region, we so practicing" style = 28

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