Cook hinted that iPhone 8 is expected to be released early this year

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cnBeta· 2017-08-02 11:47:28

benefited from iPad and Mac sales pick up and iPhone's stable performance, Apple's third quarter revenue grew 7.2%, the fastest growth in the seven quarter. Flagship iPhone shipments grew by 1.6% to 41 million 30 thousand units. Cook (Time Cook) in Emily Chan to Bloomberg quoted in September that mysterious will be released blockbuster news, he wrote: "we have been properly prepared for everything, we are really looking forward to doing in the back to school season beginning arrangement. "

"if the optimistic earnings expectations include iPhone 8, then it means that this year Apple will release this flagship earlier than usual. At present, the prevailing view in the analysis circle is that iPhone 8 is not very well stocked in September of this year, and production will be possible only by the beginning of 2018. But anyway, let's wait for the surprise Apple has prepared for us.

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