2 with a wolf! AGM three new machine announced

AGM 2 wolf exposure Wu Jing

qudongzhijia· 2017-08-02 16:42:17

"wolf 2" from July 27th since the release, the box office has exceeded 1 billion 500 million, breaking a number of Chinese box office record, reputation also received critical acclaim.

the movie not sloppy, Wu Jing finally called for the emergence of the mobile phone is also very natural, as long as 1 minutes, this mobile phone is what brand? It is called

AGM, is a focus on three mobile phone company's brand, not only in the "wolf 2" appeared on Wu Jing's endorsement of a product.

now with "wolf 2" hot wind, the mobile phone manufacturer AGM X2 announced the launch of "wolf 2" commemorative edition of , the machine will be in August 16th officially unveiled the new conference, the official also announced the general version of AGM X2.

AGM the X2 rendering has been exposed, from the exposure of the spy photos, AGM X2 is a typical three mobile phone, each interface is sealed, the fuselage thick, looks very strong, the front is three touch buttons, the back is equipped with two cameras.

configuration, the aircraft will be powered by snapdragon 835 processor, built-in 8GB memory +256GB storage battery capacity has reached 10000mAh, life is not to worry, it also supports QC 4 fast charging technology, and equipped with the Beidou navigation.

besides, what's its biggest highlight?. Unlike the IP68 waterproof and dustproof mobile phone on the market, AGM X2 by the American military standard MIL-STD-810G certification certification, this is not a test project, but the U.S. military GJB 150A reliability test standard, is a super three (waterproof, dustproof and anti broken screen mobile phone).

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