Really sorry! Wu Jing was so tired of film publicity

Wu Jing film wolf 2 heaven

wangyiyule· 2017-08-02 17:52:02

entertainment NetEase in August 2nd reported recently, along with the movie "wolf 2" release, box office soared to break a number of records, Wu Jing's popularity is also rising. Some netizens drying out Wu Jing in the movie running publicity photos, see fans are very distressed. The netizen said: "the new Wu Jing movie" wolf 2 "has been looking forward to have? Recently, around Xuanfa, tired like a salesman, do not pay attention to the treatment, is squeezing Taka Tetsuji, what to eat, tired lying there, nobody believed he could be Wu Jing. "

users have a message, said:" the box office crazy like this, he did not run, the difference is not big, why is he so persistent to run? Because the film is his dream, he wants to pass his dream to more people. It is because of his dedication, the film can take good to such an extent "," believe God helps those who help themselves".

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