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I have to

, when the child awake is simply a small demon, but when they enter the sleep state, instantly incarnation little angel, the entire world has changed...... How many mothers at the moment produced a "mother when the pain is so tired, but also feel happy" feeling?.

if the sleeping baby suddenly pursed his lips and smiled when the mother is happy to not too adorable! Okay?

maybe curiosity is strong mother may ask, why sleeping baby laugh? (WeChat subscription number: flower mother parent-child light, parent-child talk parenting those things) "img_box"

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this problem, a mother heard several versions of

1, in the dream mother-in-law teach baby to learn the skills of

after the baby is asleep, her dream will teach baby to learn skills. If you learn, dream mother-in-law will praise, baby laugh; if not learn, dream mother-in-law will curse, baby cry.

(some baby sleep will indeed frown cry a few times, not really being criticized? Dream mother-in-law)

2, Songzi goddess in the funny baby to play

after the baby is asleep, will deliver to amuse him. The empress said, mother left, the baby will cry; say your mother came back, the baby will laugh.

(sweet, mother is really love the baby's heart......

3, grab the flowers, grab the win,

baby will often dream of sleeping with a group of children rob the flowers, grab the smile, grab less than cry.

("grab flower" is the flower mother home side explained, mother heard this?

4), bed mother believes in "bed mother"

talking to the baby. In some places, that babies sleep for a long time, and the bed more closely, so as to protect the children of God worship bed mother the. When the baby is asleep, the mother will teach the baby to cry or laugh.

(if there is a bed mother, then pray to bed mother let every baby have a angel's sleep!)

5, with little mouse winning the fight

Guangdong people in some places think the baby slept with smile, because the little mouse won the fight.

(so, this is the baby smile of triumph, right?)

6, the Duke of the baby story

there's a place that is the Duke in telling stories to the baby, the baby was happy smile.

so, 6 versions of the story was certainly very interesting ~

mentioned above are explained, with a bit of mystery, for "prefer to believe them, not credible without" psychological, perhaps many mothers will choose to believe.

however, no matter what attitude we take, it is necessary for us to understand this phenomenon from a scientific point of view.

the baby fell asleep after laugh, sleep cycle about

baby and the two reasons for

1, and the baby fell asleep, sometimes suddenly move, sometimes slightly open eyes, sometimes smiling, frowning, sucking, even sometimes, the baby will be because these small actions directly to their wake......

actually, this is because the baby is in a light sleep cycle. Control of

coupled with the baby's brain facial expressions and body movements of the micro as adults so mature, once entered into the shallow sleep period, the baby may appear such micro expressions or body movement.

2, the baby is dreaming,

, like our adults, the baby will dream. Usually, when the baby dream, we will see his eyes suddenly turns fast, while the baby dream basically is related with brain activity, maybe he is dreaming about mom and dad in playing with him, he eats well, have fun in the dream, so there is a small smile face.

babies laugh when they are asleep, mom should do so,

, some places will think that when the baby falls asleep laughing, adults do not say him, not to laugh at him.

this may be more superstition, but one reason that is right, that is we try not to disturb the baby, let him quietly through the shallow sleep stage, to enter a deep sleep cycle.

similarly, if the baby is asleep suddenly frowning, wriggling, humphsquirts, even her voice cried several voices, mom is not necessary to put the baby up to fix us immediately, but interfere with the baby sleep process, make it difficult to fall asleep again. The correct approach is:

1, first do not disturb the baby, try to let him calm down;

2, if the baby is not quiet, we can gently pat his back, calm softly in his ear, or let the baby hold a finger on us, and keep the skin contact, can give the baby more sense of security;

3 if the mother's comfort does not work, the baby cry more fierce, then picked up the baby to see whether the baby is hungry, cold, hot, or because of other problems.

4, daytime nap baby, don't try to hide all light or reduce the volume, so that the baby can distinguish between day and night, in the night will sleep better. (pay attention to WeChat's subscription number: Mom and Dad, family time, talk about parenting, parenting those things)

5, baby before going to bed, do not let him too excited, so

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