High response music video can not play: arrears were broken network, will soon be resolved

Music LETV Z

zhongguancunzaixian· 2017-08-03 06:06:28

IT home August 2nd news this afternoon IT home video reported LETV encounter can not play, LETV afternoon foreign reply said, affected by the failure, partial area network temporary interruption, the investigation has been restored. However, according to a financial network reported that the music as a result of high-level personnel response, resulting in the video can not play the reason why the Department of arrears was broken network, is now in recovery, will soon be resolved.

" today, as music, video version of the web and the client are unable to play video. The music video Click renew membership account also directly into the 504 page. Tested by IT's home, the video has been able to play properly. Does

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