Can't Bao Wenjing add and subtract within ten?

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wait, don't rush down first, and entertainment together to review primary school mathematics.

, we're carrying Chen Meijia's 99 tables in the love apartment.

believes that mathematics is the most pain, you think of the college entrance examination mathematics achievement of their entertainment is a &hellip &hellip

" but you will see when the entertainment variety. Find a wave of star even in primary school mathematics are not considered or add, subtract, multiply and divide algorithm is wrong, the dumbass are shocked.

recently hit variety "temptation" dinner, packet Wenjing chatted own and Bao Beier's love story, Bao Beier mentioned that she is very simple, this time, Kevin Tsai asked her a "23+4 is equal to the number of" .

didn't expect Bao Wenjing to be stumped by this question. She covered her head and said she didn't even know how much 1+4 was. .

" the Kang relationship terrified … … package Wenjing candidly said he really can't do math.

finally, in others the encouragement, and after a fierce brain movement … … package Wenjing finally put out the

Kevin Tsai asked her if 27 dollars to buy things for 30 pieces do not know how much money can come back.

Bao Wenjing said firmly, "yes."". She said, believe that this society is more than good, the store does not get money.

eat melon, the masses have questioned the package, even the primary school arithmetic problems are not good, exactly how are admitted to the Beijing Film Academy?.

", after all, this year, even less than ten arithmetic add and subtract can not be counted out, people are also difficult to see.

" she then micro-blog said he was born is not good at math:

also used the daughter expression package dumplings, presumably also very wronged.

" from netizens ridicule, 24+3 is equal to the packet Wenjing.

husband Babel also made "mocking" wife of micro-blog. In the video, he woke Bao Wenjing and told his wife, she is not what the hot search arithmetic of … …

" video dialogue as follows: < / p>

Babel: Wen Jing, hot search you know?

Babel: people call you retarded. They don't count. You know what?

Bao Wenjing: what to do? (a face Meng and Bao Wenjing subsequently forced.Jpg

) micro-blog your back, and she said the computer can only choose one.

, Bao Beier, bluntly: "it's difficult to choose.".

, I believe that the dumplings will soon be able to exceed the mother's mathematical ability.

in mathematics, we domineering Fan Ye also turned the car.

"Challenge League" on the Q & a session, the program set out a subtraction mathematical problem, requiring all guests on the whiteboard to write the results.

, Wu Yifan and ROC have written the correct answers quickly.

", the result, we Fan Ye, racking their brains for half a day.

", and then showed an awkward and polite smile, another page, continue to count.

finally, into the "15" … &hellip

although Chen Handian also miscalculated, regarded as the "9", but he is very proud to say. A "15" is outrageous, at least he also answers like a "9".

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