US media: China simulated attacks on F22 and Sade

The United States Sade destroyers missiles

huanqiuwang· 2017-08-03 12:35:22

" [global network reporter Wang Yi Liu Yang] "when the whole world is watching North Korea, Chinese last weekend quietly conducted missile tests", August 2nd, the United States Fawkes News Network (FOX NEWS) claimed to have this big news from anonymous U.S. officials and said, Chinese move is in the United States and the world "signal".

reported that U.S. intelligence agencies last Saturday monitored the Chinese military launching 20 missiles in an exercise against the physical targets of the American system and the F-22 stealth fighter. Reported that China has always opposed the deployment of the United States in South Korea sade.

FOX also said the anonymous U.S. officials believe that the military China fired cruise missiles and short-range, medium range, test time coincides with the Army Day celebration and display a large number of advanced equipment on the eve of the parade. The

report also mentioned that the number of Chinese now destroyers, cruisers and submarines of the United States Navy, and recently a new destroyer launched, analysts said, the ship can be with the Burke class destroyer match.

3, the United States diplomatic scholar also reported that "the Chinese people's Liberation Army rocket army large-scale military exercises simulated attack German" news.

reported that the exercise was carried out in Inner Mongolia within a day before the Liberation Army's army of Zhu and military exercises, saying it was the first public reference to the exercise, using the Dongfeng -26C medium range ballistic missile.

(ID: huanqiu-com) by this time, the military has not yet responded to reports of China. But China's military network in August 1st has released such news: Chinese PLA rocket troops, a cruise missile unit, in a continuous fire assault, the implementation of important targets to strike accurately.

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