Zhang Ruoyun finally opened an affair, and it was her

Zhang Ruoyun Tang Yixin Yang Zi micro-blog

wangyiyule· 2017-08-03 13:36:35

" Zhang Ruoyun, Tang Yixin "img_box"

entertainment NetEase Yang Zi message reported in August 2nd the evening of August 2nd, Zhang Ruoyun in the micro-blog open romance with Tang Yixin, and Tang Yixin drying out sweet photo, photo, two people dressed in black and white, Zhang Ruoyun holding the camera self timer, duzui boyfriend girlfriend Tang Yixin kissed the cheek, loving sweet. "Time gives us stolen lovers, and you give me time," he said".

after this good news exposure, many netizens have gathered and leave a message blessing, said: "finally announced the well-known secret.". "Fit, is there something that will soon be announced? "Witness the history, and feel the heat immediately."! "And Yang Zi, my friend, was the first time to leave a message and congratulate him." happiness! ""!

previously, Zhang and Tang Yixin love has been an open secret, two people often interact, show affection, but never openly. The announcement of the affair is a confession.

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