The sisters' feelings are as false as their faces

BY2 twins net red I know

dongxieximei· 2017-08-03 16:00:51

to say that the entertainment circle, the most drama sister flowers, not BY2, right? Yesterday, BY2 sent an unknown micro-blog: "since it's gone, don't harm us any more."... "In the other suspected black sunspots they facelift," id=

and earlier a BY2 cosmetic denied video immediately turned out to be honey, the interview is not mentioned, the whole video is the capital of the embarrassment,

BY2 "is the beginning of twins, some friends may not remember the sisters, but as long as a few minutes, the basic can distinguish the words more is my sister, she has been to a few male reporter explained they have insisted that only because of cosmetic, make-up, retouching sake it doesn't look the same as before,"

why does it become double fold? "

", I've always been double. "

" how does that nose get higher? "

" don't pay too much attention to details! Does "

" make a pig's nose? "

sister let sister pig nose...

but sister action, can say is not the heart, next to the reporter also sarcastically said:" so hard ",

has seen her sister a little unhappy, the complexion is cold down, reporters continue to ask" why do ah ", sister sister replied, as long as we ah, we are twins ~ ~ ~

emmmm... In fact..." BY2 "is not what cosmetic news, two sisters debut for nearly ten years, the appearance change is very large, but two He does not admit,

" can only say, they may think that friends are blind...

and many people watching the video have lamented: clarify the feelings of this sister, it is the same with their false face "img_box" id= class=

BY2" under the "JJ Lin sister" Title at the age of 16, had a record debut, The two is a pure girl, young sister,

" features, there are some defects and short board, but wins in the natural vitality, plump baby face is very pleasing, "

" in the song "I know" on both sides of the Changjiang River Huobian, the sisters sweet image of the people, "img_box

" but the fire for about a year, two people as disappearing, no what a hot song sung there are very few, even the news.

" and other mass to see them, style is already changing, from fresh girl into a sexy red net wind, wind...... people can not remember what BY2 sang songs, but they are more and more high, root tip the chin and exaggerated big makeup scared out of the psychological shadow, "

of two people in the adjustment after the yen value there is a peak period, is the most natural, "

" they wear ambiguous airline stewardess uniforms, enjoyed the dance, but more people than the face, the two vacant The limpid good voice seems to have begun to become secular tired.

later, BY2 sexy gone head, wearing not only more and more low, the face is obliterate in a public network red.

" last year their song "peach blossom" cheongsam released MV, did not see Gufengguyun, but the dust smell is very strong...

said they kept face, because my sister insists on plastic surgery, but do not want the whole sister, sister after finished the whole company even unlike two people, not propaganda "twins" at this point, also let my sister go to the whole, finally up, now face the sisters".

" supposedly siblings, the relationship should be more than
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