These 6 kinds of milk must not be given to children! Regret only to see!

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milk is essential for the growing baby food, rich in protein and calcium in milk is growing baby nutrition.

, but to remind you, milk to drink right, in order to maximize its effectiveness Oh!

, especially 0-1 year old infants, whose body development is still in critical period, do not let the wrong milk drinking method hurt the baby's body.

microwave oven heating of milk do not drink

, often heard new mother said, his baby always drink milk, 150ml milk is also a few times to drink. Every time this happens, mothers don't know if the rest of the cold milk can be given to the baby or not If you can drink it, microwave it again

in fact, the microwave oven heating principle is very simple, the use of microwave milk water molecules inside the fierce shock, water molecules because of shock and friction with each other, resulting in high temperature and high fever, so that milk heating up.

in terms of its heating principle, there will be no significant changes in nutrients, but here should pay attention to the heating time can not be too long.

for example, drinking 250ml milk for 1 minutes is enough. Heating time is too long, will make the milk protein from sol state into gel state, lead to sediment appear, affect the quality of milk.

at the same time, the longer the milk heating time, the higher the temperature, the more serious the loss of nutrients.


milk for baby babies is the main source of energy, I suggest mothers are still carefully treated, try not to microwave heating milk.

according to the baby's appetite, the size of the milk, not enough to re tune once. Try a few more times, and mom will be able to control how much the baby eats.

do not drink too strong milk,

is thin, thick, can not directly reflect the quality of milk, milk can not be considered as thick as possible, while increasing milk powder. Some mothers think that the more babies eat, the healthier they are, so the amount of milk is increased and the milk levels exceed the normal standard.

, however, often eat too thick milk baby, can cause diarrhea, constipation, loss of appetite, and even antifeedant. For a long time, not only can not increase the weight of the baby, when it is serious, it will also cause acute hemorrhagic enteritis.

0-1 years old baby viscera is very delicate, can not afford to bear the burden and pressure too much, milk powder too strong, will increase the concentration of nutrients, beyond the maximum absorption of gastrointestinal absorption.

milk to the baby, must be in accordance with the instructions of the milk tank instructions on the proportion of punch, too little or too much will have a serious impact on the baby's health.

juice milk do not drink

baby in the first 4 months will be able to add juice, juice add initial volume is very small, so, some mothers will be a small amount of juice added in milk, let the baby drink together. This is not science.

milk protein 80% casein, acidic fruit, such as oranges, lemons and other contains acid, casein and acid, once combined will occur coagulation phenomenon, it will affect the digestion and absorption of milk.

add juice to your baby, mom, don't be lazy! Just a spoon and a spoon, please! Not only exercise the baby's swallowing function, but also to the baby as soon as possible to adapt to eat with a spoon.

plus calcium powder milk, do not drink

, some parents plan to save trouble, directly put the calcium powder in milk, so it seems that the baby milk also drank, calcium also made up, in fact, otherwise. If you drink milk by adding calcium powder, excessive calcium ions will be combined with casein, milk coagulation phenomenon.

in addition, calcium combines with other proteins in milk to produce precipitation, especially when heated.

baby calcium powder, try not to add milk. General calcium powder can be selected in the afternoon and dinner before a period of time more appropriate.

and rice flour milk do not drink,

baby likes to eat rice flour, mother will stir up rice flour and milk, placed in the bottle, so that both the milk and rice noodles. In fact, it is very wrong to do so.

formula has its own formula. It's better to boil it with boiling water. If you add other liquids such as soup and rice flour, you change the formula and reduce the nutrients, which means reducing the amount of milk.

contains casein in milk, it will reduce the baby's egg protein in rice flour absorption rate. The long-term adjustment in the milk sucking Rice noodles, is not conducive to the baby swallowing function training, the formation of obstacle to the day after eating will.

mothers should adjust the milk powder according to the instructions. To add other foods, add it separately from the milk.

there is also something worth mom's attention, is to feed the baby rice flour, it is best to use small spoon feeding way, because long-term feeding bottle feeding is not conducive to baby swallowing function training.

although the baby spoon feeding a little trouble, but also a little longer, but I believe that mothers and children for the sake of health and development, will certainly continue.

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These 6 kinds of milk must not be given to children! Regret only to see!

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