Global Times: if the Indian army annihilated border war

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huanqiuwang· 2017-08-04 15:14:21

" China Ministry of foreign affairs, Ministry of defense for the India army position papers published illegally across the border, expressed by all means India unconditional withdrawal of this only the determination to achieve.

the situation is now clear. China's position has been clear from beginning to end. That is, the confrontation between the two sides is a territory of China. In 1890, the Sino British Convention on Tibetan and Indian treaties made the border between China and Sikkim very clear. India's position was uncertain and began to say that China had invaded the territory of India, adding that it was a disputed area, and India sent troops to assist bhutan in safeguarding its sovereignty because of its own security concerns.

the international community remains neutral on the whole, but there is another mystery. Western public opinion usually leans to one side and supports the other side of China in regional frictions involving china. This time, they dared not openly bias India because they knew that India was doing mischief, and that it was not good to blatantly deceive the world behind India.

is a problem, India is worried about the Chinese highway in the hole area Lang threatened its Siliguri corridor safety, you can disregard international treaties brazenly enter his territory? I do not know how many of the similar security concerns, if all countries indulge in cross-border maintenance of national security, so international rules on how to put it. Let who comply?

India now openly challenge the state power is far beyond its Chinese. To tell you the truth, India's reckless action surprised the chinese. Maybe it is the expansion of regional hegemony in South Asia accustomed to western public opinion and long-term suppression in Yang India, spoil it, New Delhi carried away, I thought I could put the bully small South Asian nation that set is also used to deal with the northern giant.

especially let Chinese don't understand is why India will feel China will choose to bear its hegemonism, swallow it forcibly plug over the bitter?

this month, Chinese people's Liberation Army have action, to carry out targeted deployment. We believe that the PLA has been fully prepared for military struggle with India, once the war opened, the PLA is bound to an irresistible force potential to give India a painful lesson.

this is a fight without winning or losing. The Modi administration should understand the PLA's powerful delivery capability and overwhelming firepower. India gathered in the border areas and the people's Liberation Army forces could not force field forces against the war, if the PLA is fully capable of expanding the border areas of the India army wiped out all. We suspect that India must be reluctant to listen to this, and they are proud to think that today's Indian army is a strong division, but that is the case.

so why did the PLA slow down? There was only one reason. China cherished the border between China and India, which has been calm for decades and is not too willing to break it. We want to give peace a chance, so we have a time for India to recognize the seriousness of the matter.

this is a good faith for China to maintain friendly relations between China and India as well as regional peace and stability.

must point out that the Modi administration's tough stance has neither legal support nor strength to support it. The government recklessly breaks the rules of the world, and also challenges the principle of strength in ignorance. It is putting India's national dignity and peaceful development at risk. The adventure of the modi government of the

is irresponsible for regional peace, and is gambling with the welfare of the people and the fate of the state. If the Modi administration fails to assess the situation, it will be a crime against the people of India, because it is pushing its own country into a military confrontation that India can not control at all.

China endure it, this is in the patience for peace offerings, but also a respect for all people. In India the army arrogant border, this month refused to withdraw in the people's Liberation Army combat readiness, but not to get ready for battle. If the Modi administration to China the goodwill as weak, so they can only be said to be dull and frivolous God arranged to destroy India.

modi government not to incite, to deceive the people of India, to promote "today is 1962", "today the Indian army is not the Indian army", as if it is time to avenge the India. Today's gap between China and India is the largest in the past half century. When the modi government war, ask them to tell the people of India themselves is weak and no facts.

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