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cangyangtiyulewang· 2017-08-04 16:43:02

parent and child variety show, "where's dad?" this year went to the fifth season. Who are the guests in the fifth season? It is reported that the proposed list of 7 groups, of which only three groups. In addition, and the season as well as the practice of daddy joined . Here's a look at where daddy went 5 and the guests.

Jordan Chan & Jasper

if I really was on the mountain chicken brother "Dad where to go", it is worth looking forward to! With my childhood pheasant brother, Jordan Chan's song is with my childhood, his son Jasper rarely appeared in the mainland, Jordan Chan and Cherrie Ying do not know how this super loving couple baby born? In addition, Jordan Chan son network called tangerine peel, Chen Shanji are joking oh.


Jordan Chan

Qiao Zhenyu & Qiao Hongsheng

said "Si beauty" rush, even Zhang Xinyu also exposed trumpet to save it back, but I chuhuaiwang Qiao Zhenyu is not one of the color value. Qiao Zhenyu is a handsome old son! The yen value is not bad!

Wu Chun & Wu Xinyi

Wu Chun was born wealthy, his wife Lin Liying is the father of Brunei King brother nutritionist, true beauty long, two people in love for 18 years long is a story. My daughter, Wu Xinyi, is 7 years old. Don't ask my daughter how adorable she is. Son is only 3 years old this year, probably not on the program. Wu Chun said this year, and Yang Yang shot "Wu moving universe", there should be a lot of people looking forward to it, but his style is not offended by make-up artist?


Wu Chun and

Wu Jing & Wu You

Wu Jing "wolf 2" recent propaganda really big. He and Xie Nan's son called Wu You, are generally as funny than the use of tools, not as [is] machine gun palpitate and donkey fight Yan value, really have a spell and his nickname, called Wu called [].


Wu Jing and his son Zhang Danfeng & Zhang Xitong

Zhang Danfeng, a family of four yen value are good high ah, although the eldest son of Siu Chung Mok, but one family looks very affectionate look, Catherine Hung is really a blessing. But after "flower thousand bones", how do you feel that Zhang Danfeng doesn't have any works? What's the situation?

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