She is Li Yuanji's princess, but why did Li Shimin give birth to a son?


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Tang Wude nine years (626 years) at the beginning of June four, Li Shimin launched the Xuanwumen change, the prince Li Jiancheng, King Li Yuanji ". After the ten sons of Li Shimin, and will build the Yuanji regardless of seniority all executed, he was also the original palace and the palace of them is Qi into his palace, there is a female not only won the favor of Li Shimin, only a little is made for the queen, this is a carved Italian history and this is how one thing? The woman


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than others, she is the king Li Yuanji's wife's history, called the princess nest. When a young born young Han Sui Dynasty imperial clan is Hongnong, Yang Xiong (Yang Jian family nephew) grandniece, Yang, Yang teacher Kuni brothers from the niece. Young's wife Li Yuanji to marry a born beauty is equal. In addition to say a digression, Wu Zetian's grandfather is Yang Xiong's brother Yang Da, so Wu Zetian and young have some genetic relationship. After

Xuanwu Gate, "the beauty of Xue Fu, Qi Yang's fate as pretty as a picture" the princess changed, her son Li Shimin was killed, they were forced to hold some of the infant daughter into the palace, as being at the mercy of the lamb. Although Tang Taizong Li Shimin is desperately trying to obliterate this "his sister's inglorious history, but still left traces of historical data.

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