South Korea together will become the killer Saad Chinese nightmare?

Beijing Qi under Saad nightmare

zhangdianchengjunqing· 2016-05-06 09:03:14

2016 North Korea's fourth nuclear test and rocket launch, the United States began to discuss the deployment of the United States and South Korea, "SA de" anti missile system. Reported on 3, according to Yonhap reported that South Korean Defense Minister of the Republic of Korea seeking day in the plenary session of the Congress of the National Defense Commission in the Korean Peninsula deployment "Sade" anti missile system plan, said South Korea and the United States has decided to "Sade" deployment and operation expenses borne by the United States. Prior to China and South Korea because of the fear of opposition and domestic economic pressure, South Korea on the deployment of the SA de system has been difficult to resolve. Now that the United States to bear the cost of this spending, SA de distance in the Korean deployment has made an important step forward. So what exactly is "SA de" what kind of thing? What impact will it have on China? Class= img_box "

"SA de" system is the advanced anti missile interception system developed by the United states. The system mainly consists of four parts, which are launching device, interception missile, radar and fire control system. It is estimated that 1 trillion and 500 billion won (about 1 billion 200 million U.S. dollars) is required to complete the deployment, it can be said that the price is not cheap. "SA de" system interceptor, has a unique anti missile capability inside and outside the atmosphere. "Sade" intercept missile 6.17 meters in length, diameter of 0.34 m the kinetic energy interceptor maximum diameter of 0.37 m, its quality only 662 kg, using a single stage solid rocket engine, the maximum reached 2.6 km / sec speed. The interceptor orbit maneuver ability strong, its kinetic energy warhead used infrared sensor and working in the side window in the smaller on the heating effect in infrared band, with atmosphere inside and outside the 40-150 kilometers altitude interception capability. Its ability to intercept the atmosphere inside and outside will not only help to increase the level of defense against the middle and short range ballistic missiles to intercept several times, but also the use of air resistance filter bait and dummy warhead. More important is that it can also have the ability to intercept intercontinental ballistic missiles.

however, the "SA de" system for South Korea to strengthen missile defense almost no role. Theoretically speaking, "SA de" can be the same as the "Patriot" -3 system to form a high and low level missile defense system. However, "SA de" system has a minimum of 40 kilometers, but also from the interception shooting pack line, the shot is only close to the high altitude of the launch position, when the intercept point is far lower than the effective height of the lower bound to improve very fast. This may not be too much of a problem elsewhere, but for South Korea, it would be difficult to provide anti missile protection to the northern population, economic and political center of Seoul as the center. This is because even if North Korea to South Korea to launch an attack, the missiles are mostly 300-700 km of short-range missiles, North Korea to hit South Korea is only 3 to 4 minutes, any anti missile system to intercept I am afraid it is difficult to effectively deal with. In other words, whether the deployment of "Sade" is not what South Korea's survival, the effects are not even the icing on the cake. Further, if SA really can eliminate the missile threat from North Korea, then South Korea if it takes another big price to purchase and deployment, rather than in the United States to "send" to South Korea.

at present, South Korea deployed "focus Sade anti missile system is the issue of the" radar "part AN/TPY-2. The radar is a X-band radar active phased array radar, antenna area of about 9.2 square meters, antenna array element up to 25334, average power up to 60 kilowatts, the radar detection range more than 2000 kilometers even deeper into the internal in the hinterland of China. The an / tpy-2 radar has two basic deployment models, that is the end of the deployment and pre deployment modes, the former is used as a "Sade" system of fire control radar, the latter used for ballistic missile defense early warning and the middle of the tracking radar. United States in Korea deployed the radar obviously drinker not in the wine, deal with the so-called North Korea just a rhetoric, the real target is obviously the Chinese, therefore in South Korea deployed "Sade" problem said firmly opposed.

must point out that the United States, "free" for the Republic of Korea to deploy "SA de" system, for South Korea is indeed a no small temptation, but there is no free lunch ". South Korea's special geopolitical environment, its security in the field to make any choice, will inevitably lead to regional fluctuations in the situation. At the same time, China and South Korea will also add unnecessary trouble, the impact of the security situation in Northeast asia. Worse, if war breaks out in Northeast Asia, even if South Korea heart stay, the territory of X-band radar will become the target priority to combat the.

to sum it up, the United States in the Korean deployment of "Sade" anti missile system is undoubtedly the Allies pushed "pit", an increase of South Korea's security burden and risk of suffering a blow. In contrast, the United States, only to use the money is not too much, in exchange for the maximization of the strategic interests of their own.

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