China must accept Philippines's arbitration in the South China Sea? Foreign ministry response

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tengxunjunshi· 2016-05-06 09:03:55

in the East Asia cooperation in a series of senior officials meeting, China will mainly introduce the implementation of last year, East Asia Cooperation Summit Outcome measures, expound the views and position of the direction of development of East Asia regional cooperation mechanisms and on regional and international issues.

China hopes that the series of senior officials will focus on development, promote pragmatic cooperation and maintain a good atmosphere for cooperation in East Asia, in order to promote regional peace and stability and contribute to the prosperity and development.

: some people say that China has to accept Philippines's unilateral arbitration of the South China Sea, otherwise it is not in compliance with international law. International law experts believe that the Philippines South China Sea arbitration case in violation of the United Nations Convention on the law of the sea, contrary to the international rule of law. What is China's comment on this?

A: China does not accept, do not participate in Philippines unilaterally filed the case of the South China Sea, is completely acting in accordance with the law. As early as in 2006, the Chinese government on the basis of the relevant provisions of the United Nations Convention on the law of the sea, the 298th government to exclude mandatory arbitration statement. < p > in Philippine territorial disputes in the South China Sea the core is the Philippines, the illegal occupation of the Spratly Islands and parts caused by the territorial issues and problems of marine delimitation in the Philippines and the United Nations Convention on the law of the sea for compulsory dispute settlement procedures do not apply. < p > the Philippines unilaterally filed and forcibly promoted the arbitration is abuse of the United Nations Convention on the law of compulsory dispute settlement procedures, attempt to take China's territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests as the subject of litigation arbitration matters Packaging into the Convention of questions of interpretation and application of the, conceal their non law occupation of China Nansha Islands and portions of the fact, attempt to cleanse their illegal occupation of behavior, which is to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of international law and the basic principles of provocation. This violation of the impact of the modern international law and the basis of the international order, a serious departure from the "Convention" purposes, damage the integrity and authority of the convention.

Philippines arbitration case from the beginning of the lack of legitimacy and legitimacy, in fact, is deliberately dressed in legal cloak of political provocation of china. Individual countries for self-interest attempted kidnapping of the rule of law at the international level, the destruction of the rule of law to "rule of law" in the name of, trampling the fairness and justice. We firmly oppose. Ask

: Philippine claimed the arbitration is filed after the exhaustion of the bilateral means upset, but comments that the Philippines did not appeal the Philippines matters of any negotiations. What is China's view on this?

A: China and Philippines have adopted a series of bilateral and multilateral documents, clearly chose to settle the dispute over the South China Sea through negotiations, Philippines has abandoned the commitment. China and the Philippines to negotiate the door is always open. The two countries have been on the increase of mutual trust, management and control differences, and promote cooperation in the sea have been close contact and multi round of consultations. The Philippines never filed any appeal arbitration involving any negotiations with china. This statement has been called "exhaustive bilateral means", is completely a lie to the international community and the philippines.

asked: yesterday, the Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said that the Syria Geneva peace talks in May to restart the peace talks. Do you think the Geneva peace talks will resume in May? China how to evaluate the direct dialogue between the opposition and the government of Syria?

A: We support the Russian side put forward the proposal to restore the peace talks in Syria as soon as possible. We always believe that political solution is the only realistic solution to the problem of Syria. In this process, there will be some difficulties and setbacks, but we should stick to this path, relevant parties in Syria should safeguard the hard won the cease-fire, continue to Syria's political resolve to create favorable conditions. China is willing to work with Russia and other parties concerned to promote the process of political settlement of the Syria issue.

asked: Recently, the United States Commission on international religious freedom released the 2016 annual report, continue to China as a special concern". Do you have any comment on this?

A: the Chinese government fully respects and protects citizens' freedom of religious belief according to law, and the Chinese citizens enjoy freedom of religious belief according to the law. The U.S. to ignore the objective facts, year after year: such reports, distorted and attacked China's religious policies and conditions, China is firmly opposed to it has to the United States proposed solemn representations. We ask the United States to respect the facts, to abandon prejudice, objective and fair view of China's religious policy and freedom of religious belief, stop using religious issues to interfere in China's internal affairs. At the same time, the United States should reflect on their own problems, do not always in the backseat driver.

asked: how does China see Turkey's role in solving the Syria issue?

answer: the political solution to the Syria issue is in line with the fundamental interests of the people of Syria and the common aspiration of the international community. We hope that all parties concerned in the international community will be able to help the political settlement of the Syria issue and play a constructive role in this.

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