Parents do these 5 points, is the child's first qualified teacher!

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said that parents are the first teachers of the children, but in fact, the parents under the pressures of life and work, spend time with children is not much, resulting in a lot of parent-child communication opportunities are missed. Many parents put too much emphasis on children's achievement scores, and to ignore many of the words and deeds should be Weirenchushi truth.

as parents need to reflect on the past, children need more education of our words and deeds. As parents, we all want our children to be successful. And these five points, you must teach the child, parents repeat more, the more promising children.

1", "humility", "

", so-called humility, is humility comity or concession. Whether in life or at work, humility is a valuable quality, as parents, how can we teach children?

reproduction of the scene: neighbors Wu Jie son just on the second grade, not tall, is a lovely little boy, every time to see me take the initiative to call aunt good. Once I got up late and hurried to the elevator. Wu Jie and her son were about to go into the elevator. The little boy saw me coming and said, "Auntie, you're advanced. We'll wait.". "I was surprised when I was young, I learned humility, and I was so smart.

2, share

, share your fruit, bring good friends, share your stories, and bring others experience. People who know how to share will have a wider world.

scene reappearance: every time his son goes to his grandmother's home, he will bring some "spoils of war", but he is not alone, but he is "charity" - to his small partners. I am very curious, some kids have the good stuff is always hidden, but the son why so generous? After

asked his son to know, because such buddies will find him playing every day, and often will give him a small welfare, he would be more happy.

3, generous

as the saying goes: "prime minister belly". That's what a big stomach can hold. The prime minister, can be said to be the prime minister., why can the officer of high rank? Because tolerance, can you see a long, one short. The road of life will be wider and wider.

scene reappearance: last year summer vacation, alone takes the son to return to the mother's family to pass idle time. Just get on the bus, the son is very excited, alive and kicking to run to find the position, do not take care of the next variable girl knocked to the ground, his son quickly raised her, and apologized, ashamed to say: "I'm sorry, little sister, hurt?"

did not think of is, the little sister did not cry cry it is very light, and said, "Okay, little brother, don't run so fast, easy wrestling". Moment, I was overwhelmed, I did not expect the little girl not only angry, but also a reminder in good faith. This time, my son went to class again.

4, Thanksgiving,

, learn to be grateful, is everyone must have moral character. Moreover, we should start from childhood, and only those who know how to thank will not take the good of others as a matter of course.

scene representation: a son's classmates often do homework at home Xiaoming Xiaohua, sometimes in the rub a meal, to work late Xiao Ming mother save a lot of trouble. So often heard Ma Xiaoming with some fruits to Xiaohua, but once, Xiao Ming was not happy, because just buy strawberries -- that is his favorite and most was his mother gave her.

then told Xiao Ming's mother sincere words and earnest wishes Xiaoming, be grateful, otherwise no buddy will play with you, you often go home Xiaoming homework, sometimes in his home for dinner, if he is not a person, you can return home to her mother. Do you say this "thank Xiaohua?


, responsible for an adult, be responsible for their actions is behoove. So is it true for children? The answer is yes. Although the child has not yet been able to shoulder the responsibility, he can not do without the sense of responsibility.

scene reappearance: son is very naughty, often make the house in a mess, but for the healthy growth of children, I did not blame him. However, not long ago, a wall ball pen appeared on the wall of the living room.

I was asked: son, is not you? At that time, however, deny the son, he did not dare to look at me. I know. Maybe he didn't want to admit it, but he didn't get angry with him at the time. He just said, "it's OK. Just ask dad to wipe it off."".

probably didn't find the right detergent, so Dad cleaned it for a long time. Dad's washing, son. Very clean, but left some traces. At this point, his son took the initiative to admit his mistake.

I have said to his son, "baby, although you are still small, there is no ability to take responsibility, but to have a sense of responsibility, dare to admit mistakes, understand?" since then, the little guy can always take the initiative to admit mistakes, but also make it fine.

humility, sharing, generosity, gratitude and a sense of responsibility are prerequisites for a child's success. These excellent qualities will affect the child's life and bring immeasurable wealth to the child.

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