In the end, the only American operator to sell WP phones is this one

The United States Microsoft Samsung NOKIA

ITzhijia· 2017-08-04 21:12:33

when it comes to Windows, Phone and operators, the reputation of the United States Verizon is not so good. In February 2015, Lumia Icon is the last to get WP8.1 system update push models, in the Microsoft Lumia950, Verizon also shielded its network access.

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Verizon images from Neowin) but also for the diversity of Windows Phone equipment to make a contribution, for example, in the WP8.1 era, it is the only one with three different WP mobile phone operators: NOKIA Lumia Icon, HTC One and M8 Samsung ATIV SE.

, but now, it has become the only one still selling Windows Phone equipment operators. For example, the Lumia635 which sold for almost three years has been sold by Cricket Wireless, and T-Mobile has finally released the Win10 Alcatel IDOL 4S.

either Verizon Lumia 735 or Cricket Lumia 635 are no longer supported by Microsoft, according to the SEC document, Microsoft has been at the end of June the end of the fiscal year removed Windows Phone to continue to invest list.

but unfortunately, Lumia735 has just sold out on the Verizon website and no longer marked "upcoming" replenishment. Some operators, retail stores, and a small amount of goods.

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