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, "Liu Qiangdong said," the performance can not be a problem for the team. The

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venture companies tube is also the most important thing is the most difficult, if a company fails not because of the money problem, but the problem of the team. Liu Qiangdong once shared four forms of Jingdong personnel management at the Institute for creative learning. These four tables organized the basic principles of selecting, employing and retaining the company.

core view,

1. capability, value system: competence and value system is a very important form of selecting and employing a company. Values are not scored points, only with the company's level of matching, any company should put forward their own values, each employee should be the value of matching assessment.

2.ABC principle: how to manage people? Who cares? How about a tube? At this point, the ABC principle has played its part. The ABC principle is reporting B according to level C, B reporting on A, level two personnel, C's raise, dismissal, bonus, equity, etc., as determined by A and B.

3.8120 principle: the best management of a manager is between 8 and 12, and it's not too much time to ensure that managers have enough time to think about strategies. For the lowest level of company management personnel, management personnel in charge of each not less than 20 people, thus avoiding the company officer too much more personnel than work available, too few people.

4.2N principle: the last principle is the 2N principle. Each person is allowed to bring only one person with the original unit. What if there are too many people? Also welcome, but go to other departments. All managers need to find a company that can replace their own company within a year.

below for Liu Qiangdong's share of the full text:

, I hate to talk about chicken soup, so today will not talk about any chicken soup, especially entrepreneurial encouragement words. As an entrepreneur, if your passion needs encouragement from others, I think it's scary. Passion is always something that comes from you, not from others.

management of a company, there are two most important powers, one is the personnel power, one is the financial power: management and management of money. The first class and share Jingdong is how to manage people, when we do business in 2004, a total of 36 people, as of last night has more than 75000 people, the end of the year (2015) will add nearly forty thousand employees, and there are tens of thousands of rural extension workers.

, let's share some of the Jingdong company's internal forms.

ability value system

this is the first Jingdong tube form, the most important form, but also our selection and retention, including the dismissal of employees, are used in this form. To classify all the employees, you find there are five kinds:

, the first kind is ability general, that is performance and performance is very general, scoring is very low.

values are not high or low, and values are called matches. Any company should put forward what values are and what is the core of corporate culture. Do you want to make everyone a values match degree evaluation, such as questionnaire survey and so on, at the same time within three months probation period, a person's behavior, all behavior is he values about. In three months, his words and deeds of his daily work, basically determine the value of this person and your company values match how much. Through the questionnaire test and daily behavior observation, the two obtained the value matching.

if we have the ability to do so and the values are low, we call it "scrap metal" within us. Such employees in the recruitment of the general do not, scrap scrap, or else no performance, values and your company does not match. What's the point of values? In Jingdong, the company value of personnel first, ability second. A person whose values don't match, we never use it. Ability to put in second assessment. The second category of

is that his values match the company well, but his ability to perform just isn't up to standard.

ability is general, value is matched very tall, such kind of person we call iron. Take iron such employees generally will give us the opportunity to transfer at least once. For example, you do sell, the value of the match is high, but the ability, performance is not going. What should I do? If you have other preferences and talents, for example to other departments, we at least give a chance, or training opportunities, or transfer opportunities. However, because the company is not a charity, facing the pressure of survival, if to end the opportunity or not, after a transfer or training performance is still not up to the requirements, please go to the company.

third, most of the staff, in 90 minutes between the 80% view of staff capacity and value, we called the steel. This is the core of the company's employees, generally speaking, the normal, relatively stable structure is accounted for 80%.

fourth categories of employees are very strong, values and your company values are very high matching, the ability is also very good, we call this kind of gold. Stable

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