Blizzard: the new IP is developing well and is exploring some new ideas

Games players ideas watch the pioneers

youxishiguangVGTIME· 2017-08-05 15:42:22

in Activision's quarterly financial conference call, Blizzard Entertainment president and co founder Mike Morhaime stated the company's current goals as required, as well as some information about the new IP.

IP "last year we watch pioneer" successful

first, he said Blizzard's emphasis is also placed in the maintenance of the existing number of game player, and for the game provides a new content of high quality. They will focus on multiple platforms and consider mobile terminals as well. As for the new company IP Morhaime, said the project will have a number of professional teams, "better" than in the past, is by the blizzard experienced designers led by exploring some great ideas "".

Morhaime also stated that Blizzard quality games need time, developers will not launch any not up to the expectations of the game, if they want to practice their new ideas on a platform, so these ideas must be supported by the development team, is that Blizzard can attract the game player.

though it is not clear what exactly is this new IP, but Blizzard has this attitude, I believe they can rest assured that the game player.

source: Dualshockers

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