Set up only March Western Theater air force helicopter group into unfamiliar Plateau

Air force helicopter fleet theater of war

tengxunjunshi· 2017-08-06 07:30:32

map: the people's Liberation Army Model 18 helicopters plateau test site

reporter Ma Xiaoyu, Liu Shu reports: Recently, the Western Theater air regiment more helicopters into unfamiliar plateau, carry out search and rescue training at low altitude. Flight training helicopter fleet under the condition of the alpine plateau, is the air force to carry out the training of difficult subjects, however, the group set up just 3 months.

plateau environment is complex, low air flow variability, low oxygen content, affecting human machine efficiency, the officers and men of technology and courage is a severe test. As the adjustment of the formation of new combat forces, the regiment focused on the actual needs of the organization, all members of the whole outfit, fought in the plateau, the use of complex environment to promote combat generation.

for close combat, they set up a number of complex environmental rescue zone, covering the riverbed, rapids, canyon, mountain, forest, topography, exercise unit emergency combat capability. In order to enhance the training of new member plateau flight ability, they watch the super low altitude maneuvering video system, learning achievement training in army plateau, to carry out the task arrangement plateau experienced captain special lectures, to help you master the plateau rescue tactical essentials as soon as possible. They also organize safety risk assessment, to carry out special disposal exercise and simulation verification operation, amendments to improve the airflow disturbance mutation, yaw trek, low engine fleet and other emergency disposal plan.

according to the leaders, the training for high altitude, low altitude and low oxygen environment organizations combat search and rescue has accumulated a lot of data, improve the army's low altitude maneuvering and battlefield survival, precise search ability.

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