Activision Blizzard: we'll consider launching more heavy games in the future

The game the calling of duty the zombies the sky Sparrow

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At the recent earnings conference, Activision highly appreciated the success of the crash trilogy, and studied the possibility of introducing more


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game at the meeting, the company's chief executive Eric Hirshberg said "we know" bandicoot "series has a lot of game player love, but the release of the game before we knew how many, so" Crash Bandicoot crazy Trilogy "the performance is far beyond our expectations". Hirshberg says there will be more classic IP rework or rebirth on the new platform, say, sky Sparrow, landing on the smart mobile platform.

"bandicoot crazy Trilogy" since its launch, sales have exceeded the expectations of Activision Blizzard, it is the highest selling game console on June, and was sold in June second last day, at the same time it is PSN and serving the United States EU July download charts.

and Activision Blizzard that a successful case of the bandicoot sold "crazy Trilogy" is the company's core strategy: listen to the voice of the fans and the game player, then they want to provide quality content. At the same time, Eric Hirshberg said that in addition to bandicoot, "modern warfare" and "call of duty remake Black Ops 3 zombie Chronicles" performance show the dynamic IP and the content of the classic as Blizzard's value.

" Modern Warfare heavy plate

's upcoming "StarCraft heavy plate"

a Activision Blizzard will offer the remake of the game for the August 14th "StarCraft heavy plate", for all the material and art field, also includes many new features, the price is $15, and the "StarCraft" the original game in PC Free downloads are available on the platform.

source: GameSpot

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