Ali pictures launched "authorized treasure", which is lying to earn IP money?

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52PKyouxiwang· 2017-08-06 09:57:23

As everyone knows

Alibaba in the layout of the pan entertainment, film and television, the game is quite extensive, literature and other aspects are covered, Ali had also stressed the importance of IP copyright piracy, for entertainment or literature works will be severely punished. However, Ali is an advantage, the copyright in the IP and then, now Alibaba film group (hereinafter referred to as "Ali pictures") announced the launch of a new brand of authorized treasure, perhaps as some people guess, Ali to rely on IP authorization lying to make money? Should be the integration of its business development upgrade license plate full of treasure

" the launch of the treasure will be strictly authorized to build a connection IP copyright owners and brand business platform, and cooperative Alibaba Arts Entertainment ecological resources, including the content of influence, product sales, marketing strategy and full link service for both sides, the category involved in film and television, games, literature, film and television network, concerts, variety, star etc..

specific to the authorized mode can be divided into four categories, merchandise authorization, authorization, authorization, space marketing business sponsorship authorization, can be linked to Ali's big entertainment literature, Ali Ali Youku potatoes, games and other resources around the authorized business jointly launched. In addition, the entertainment alliance will be unveiled in the value-added service functions, to meet the development of Pan entertainment, entertainment marketing brand demand. Authorized Bao Dong Fang said, according to the different IP (classic and popular), authorized treasure will be analyzed by big data, select the corresponding precise audience, IP will be permeated through four types of authorization put into the market. In fact,

as early as June of this year's Shanghai Film Festival, Ali al entertainment chairman Yu Yongfu has said that Ali pictures will reduce the production of content, not to compete with the upstream content, more in the middle and lower reaches as large data through the advantages of electronic business platform, and focus on helping movie Xuanfa, derivative work authorization.

as a platform, in addition to the acquisition of Ali Pictures film, literature IP authorization, the derivatives also have a positive cooperation, which reached a cooperation with paramount, CN, Namco Bandai, TPC, Valley Park at home and abroad over the IP copyright side, the introduction of a variety of licensed merchandise brought considerable income for Ali pictures, of course these derivatives will be developed by the third party sales and business cooperation, the category covers Home Furnishing, digital 3C, beauty makeup, clothing and so on.

said IP authorized areas, foreign market is relatively more mature, while the domestic is basically a blank, the early years of China whole entertainment culture market is not so high awareness of copyright law now, for copyright infringement is no more strict restrictions and penalties, the situation has improved, is to enhance people's awareness of genuine piracy, the relevant departments for this kind of behavior is also more and more attention. Furthermore, the China pan entertainment from IP for IP development has gradually developed into the authorized IP, such as Ali, of course this is such a big game player ", while the domestic market will also need a platform to establish an effective link between IP and third party merchants, after years of hard work, this time Ali pictures the launch is timed treasure authorization, or should be said that Ali pictures after years of exploration, more and more clearly what to play in the pan entertainment industry is what role.

authorized treasure seemingly new brand, in fact Ali pictures in the authorized IP has accumulated a lot of experience, just from the service model, authorization of upgrade and integration to make it easier to be accepted by the market and demand.

, another point can not be ignored is that in the IP authorization field also has other "game player", such as in July, the Tencent announced the spin off of its online digital reading platform reading group and on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange submitted a prospectus reading group, in addition to reading group engaged in online reading, too with many kinds of network literature IP cash market size. Reading group is also actively layout IP market overseas, for example, recently read the overseas group portal officially announced a partnership with the starting point of international famous China English network text translation website Gravity Tales, the two sides will work together to promote the overseas communication network Chinese towards genuine boutique. As far as the number of users is concerned, nowadays, the volume of readers who read literature has increased by several hundred times than in the early years, and only the number of users touched by the text group has reached hundreds of millions of people. It does not include the expansion of users in other fields.

" take the recent, one of the well-known IP from reading group under the "IP" selection day in mind, in the pan entertainment industry operation, a number of areas around the IP literature, animation, film and television, interactive games, new generation star, to achieve the maximization of the value of IP, there are many similarities with the authorization of the treasure Ali pictures.

in addition, due to the non market China movie box office is at the starting stage, so the IP authorized derivatives and broad prospects, reading group, Ali pictures and future participants will continue to force in this field, now say Ali pictures in the IP authorization field lay money may be too

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