Why should Sima Xiangru pursue Zhuo Wenjun? Because he likes to eat soft food

Sima Xiangru

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Sima Xiangru piano. Outrageous story must have a lot of people are well aware that this is a story to be known to every family, pass from mouth to mouth with approbation. The beauty carried to her bosom, and then she had to live. Then Sima Xiangru and Zhuo Wenjun is how to live? Before answering this question to a pa pa Sima Xiangru claudia. As we all know, Sima Xiangru is a good writer and plays very well. But that's just one side of him. In life, what kind of man is he?


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Sima Xiangru Zi Changqing. When I was little, I was good at reading, but profound. The older I began to learn swordsmanship. Probably often fight with others because they don't like him back underground gave him a small son called "". When he grew up, he admired the name of Zhao in the spring and autumn and Warring States period, and changed his name to Sima Xiangru. After adulthood, he paid money to the Department concerned and bought a Lang officer. Lang Guan is the squire beside the emperor. When the Han Emperor, Sima Xiangru was transferred to the Wu Chang Shi riding, is the emperor's cavalry guards. But he doesn't like the job and is lazy at work. The Han Emperor Fu is not good. Sima Xiangru's ability in the palace is not available, can not be appreciated. When

Sima Xiangru is unhappy, he met to worship the king of Liang Dynasty Liu Wu, the king of Liang Dynasty and introduced him to his understanding of a counselor. There, Zou Yang, Fu Mei Cheng love those literati. Sima Xiangru and these people interested in, and like-minded, few people hit it off. At this time Sima Xiangru did not work, please leave, all day and a group of advisers the king of Liang Dynasty mixed together. Liang Xiao Kun Dynasty, going back to. Sima Xiangru simply resigned to the emperor on account of ill health. Then the king of Liang Dynasty to do in fief, counsellor Liu Wu door. During this period he and while a man around, wrote "zisu Fu" period.

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