She used to be an assistant to Yang Mi, and now she's got a counter attack......

Yang Mi film the dream of the Red Mansion Beijing

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Since the "

" after the popular lock Jade Palace, Yang Mi this years career so smooth, big production received mercy, to set up their own studio, the staff is around for a wave after wave.

" and a girl, 8 years ago she was Yang Mi's assistant, but now the counter attack as many film and television drama actor, acting is called by the netizen Yang Mi hanging.

" the actress called Xu Xiaosa, she is trained, graduated from Beijing Film Academy, because there is no drama, twists and became Yang Mi's assistant.

, perview_img_p, and during that time she did not give up the idea of acting.

" there are a lot of friends said she looks like Tian Jing.

" and said her like Yaya Liyan Tong.

" Tianshui Xu Xiaosa was born in Gansu, graduated from the Beijing Film Academy 07 performances undergraduate.

2009, in the new version of "dream of the Red Chamber" kind of play spring, and entered the entertainment.

"although the new dream of Red Mansions" this drama after the broadcast, many viewers are plot and other Reid in Giori tender, but this drama really helped popularize many stars, but the red are small enough to be ignored the supporting role.

" there was a negligible supporting actress, in the "dream of Red Mansions" as one of the twelve "Jia Xichun", as Yang Mi played the first twelve Qingwen cannot, nor to the other memorable. It is a beautiful beauty.

" is the two people do not have a good result, Yang Mi played in the final died, while Xu Xiaosa played the Xichun is become a nun!

2011 starred in the first movie "beautiful time"; in 2012 he starred in the television series "Pocahontas", "my hometown Jinchaji" and "family portrait".

Xu Xiaosa also served as the TV drama "Xiangshan romance" hostess "Princess Miao", Avalokiteshvara is in human form, Xu Xiaosa style full of fairies, a hash of a goddess!

" in addition to the dignified and good characters, Xu Xiaosa also tried playing the villain, also won the audience the applause. In Anita Yuen, Gao Yunxiang's leading role in the costume drama "amorous mountains and rivers", Xu Xiaosa plays the villain, Queen Solna".

" and more recently in the upcoming broadcast of the drama "hot" hunting and Hu Ge cooperation, and play the heroine and Dong Han in the war drama "Jedi way home", it can be said that her resources are more and more enough.

is a promising actress, even if it is only a tepid two stars, believe that she will soon be able to red line.

" last wish she could soon find a man that loves her, let her happy life!

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She used to be an assistant to Yang Mi, and now she's got a counter attack......