Jay Chou spoiled the wife and children, but also to spoil the God

Khun Ling Jay Chou kid baby

tanzi· 2017-08-06 12:13:31

recently, Jay Chou in an interview, the mood is particularly good, and even a little small pride. Why? Because Kun Ling is going to Hollywood!

and to work with Dwayne Johnson, yeah, the one who plays "speed 6" and "speed 7". WOW! Oh, the sister-in-law is really fierce, sprinkle flowers!

" but Kunling success cannot do without the God of Jay Chou assists. It was in the center of the month, Kunling just a few days before the birth of a second child, Jay Chou specially adjusted to a fake gun, Miuccia help Kunling shot with Kunling audition, help successfully won the role.

" in addition, Jay Chou also said "little week" English named "Romeo", that is the son of a romantic but not bother people. Well, that seems to be his "img_box" Oh ~~

was asked whether or not the birth of the third plan, Jay Chou replied, not to consider, after all, with children very hard. Also broke two brothers and sisters funny, hold one, the other will be jealous.

" to the real point! Dogs can be jealous! Ha ha ha, baby crying and barking dogs, good sense of the picture, let me laugh for a while ~~

so, in addition to the two little baby, but also to take care of the little dog's emotions, and when daddy and when shoveled shit officer, is really very tired.

yes, the dog is "Magee", can get the king and the king's sister-in-law so much love, can be said to be "dog peak.".

Kunling gave birth to a child when it broke, Magee not only Zhou Zhou, but also eat small Zhou Zhou vinegar, often water tearful eyes looked at Kunling, eager to get a little more care.

so, Jay Chou, how does Magee spoil her? Chestnuts are really a pile.

, for example, took Magee magazine cover. Magee's heart OS: I didn't laugh, but I was serious about pose!

" but every time Magee is a playfully photographed face, the high cold style is really carry out in the end, with his father, expression of God synchronization!

", "Kun", "Magee's book", my good Magee, let me guard you. After so many years of living, have you ever been without a book? But this has been done in the Pomeranian playfully.

" to open a coffee shop named Machi coffee (Magee coffee), dog style muffins, dog style coffee, dog pattern cup, in short, the shop is full of Magee elements. Again, when you're still standing in line to buy coffee, the dog is already sitting on a coffee shop!

" Kunling own design tide brand, also often appear in the figure of Magee. Magee's family status is really good!

", and most of all, Jay Chou and Magee's wedding ceremony in Taipei are red carpet! Have seen the children walk the red carpet, but also really did not see the red carpet with pets, ah, really, as a person, a little envy of this dog!

" again, why spoil his wife Magee?

because Magee is Jay Chou's 19 birthday present to Ling ling. It turned out that Magee is not only lovely, but also shoulders the deep love of Jay Chou to Kun Ling. No wonder that the "son of a dog" is spoiled!

Magee: who also don't want to grab me Baba Mama I was home, "big brother"!

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Jay Chou spoiled the wife and children, but also to spoil the God

Jay Chou spoiled the wife and children, but also to spoil the God

Jay Chou spoiled the wife and children, but also to spoil the God

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