Andy Lau's party! A classmate with a star can't go to a party

Andy Lau ZA

muzhiyueduv· 2017-08-06 12:13:39

" not the old man of God Jimmy Lin, from his debut so far haven't changed a bit, born a baby face, and reunion, obviously became 90. Do not know who still think of the aunt to bring children to the party?.

entertainment is not the old goddess Lin Chiling photo with the students like girls, have the presence of seckill aunt class classmate, not a person's age.

" He Jiong teacher, he is immune to age, always stay at the age of 18, and his students have become uncle level.

" humorous, versatile, Sheenah no matter where the protagonist is wrapped inside, next to the students as her brother, sister.

" nearly 50 year old Irene Wan and reunion photos, no traces of time are elegant, let people move not to open eyes, like next to the aunt took her to the party.

king Andy Lau or to many younger than students, even if it is already 54 years old, the body and skin care is very good, and then compared what did not change, only more mature and manly.

" no comparison no harm, look at the movie big sister Brigitte Lin, although the elderly age, there is still an obvious gap with the students to maintain a good photo, really. As can be seen from the diagram, the students will become parents if they are not careful!

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Andy Lau's party! A classmate with a star can't go to a party

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