Song Zhongji shouted Lee Guangzhu: "don't call me any time!"

Song Zhongji Lee Guangzhu acting agent running

juziyule· 2017-08-06 12:13:44

Song Joong Ki with Lee Guangzhu was born on 1985, in the South Korean born the same year people are "friends", when coupled with the 2010 fixed performance "Running Man" variety show, two people became very good friends.

Song Joong Ki starred in the program "performing arts agency" aired yesterday, in the program, he came to Lee Guangzhu recorded a "video call", causing the audience laugh!

Song Joong Ki kwangsu said, ah, I am now a family man

hopes to restraint call

" you should learn to look at his face ah

" even though you are not wrong, but the lack of points, you will understand.

" finally stressed once again to see him "233333333333333


"funny I can see this partnership is really good ha ha ha ha, July 5th Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo open marriage, Lee Guangzhu second days drying out on the social networks Song Joong Ki painting heart in stone photo, but also questioned what are these""!

", "last

", "Lee Guangzhu," you must hurry up and find your wife!

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