Guan Xiaotong appeared base camp 20th anniversary scene, with what?

Guan Xiaotong happy camp deer Han Ceng Shunxi

juziyule· 2017-08-06 20:43:58

"happy camp" 20th anniversary program can be said to usher in more than half of the entertainment stars, and the show last night we saw the popular flowers small meat, Liu Haoran, Guan Xiaotong, Zeng Shunxi three together on stage, they just twenty years old this year, in this stage can be said that the extraordinary significance!

" in addition to their wonderful program also allows us to see different from other time appearance, two small fresh flesh with simple and clean white shirt with black trousers, full of spirit but also with age the most simple way, and Guan Xiaotong put up "students"!

wearing a simple blue shirt, gray pants collocation pleated skirt, wearing half ponytail, more fashionable usually amazing Guan Xiaotong, this paperback seems to be true to yourself, a student!

" of course, the big legs she is not wearing high-heeled shoes still do not influence, but rather on the pair of white shoes more comfortable!

" to say that Guan Xiaotong is long gone, but from time to time can be seen and dynamic, she is currently shooting drama and Luhan is attracted many onlookers, it seems that everyone is looking forward to ah ~ let's wait!

is the last sentence of the skin white and beautiful long legs! Envy! ~

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Guan Xiaotong appeared base camp 20th anniversary scene, with what?

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