"Wolf 2" roadshow, Zhang Han do not overbearing president!

Zhang Han wolf 2 film happy Adventures

juziyule· 2017-08-06 20:44:20

watched the Chinese Film Festival in the summer as a year of improvement, and the orange gentleman was relieved!

this summer in the meantime, there is a "flash" and "wolf Girl 2" two as the conscience of sincerity release, especially the explosion of the box office!

new access Wuli Zhang Han's performance in the film is a circle of powder left countless, the so-called overbearing president set, it is simply not so handsome!

recently, as the "wolf 2" platform roadshow Zhang Han, also seems to be with the movie characters, breaking the mention of Zhang Han passers-by will think of the stereotype of a suit coat, the wind is very comfortable leisure sports tour Guangzhou Railway Station Su ~


Guangzhou Railway Station on Zhang Han chose a GUCCI sport dress, although GUCCI nearly two years in a revitalized style, side bars are old sport suits are sought after by many people, but to wear this body is not who can.

" field after all right, cuokou moving pants really easy to wear low. Zhang Han is tall and thin, but wide shoulders and long legs body, properly propped up the loose sportswear, there seem to be a large number of high school uniforms embarrassment.

" on the other hand must praise the recent roadshow makeup stylist, a human facial contour sharp eye and lip is thin and slender, very clean. Whether it's an overhead bangs or a soft, natural hair style, the gentle style of a curl is perfect. Retro glasses metal frame

" with a pair of popular this year, more than a fine ~

- FoShan Railway Station -

" do not know who knew Zhang Han is small orange from which you remember, orange see first appeared together with Song Joong Ki PET film adventure "in the heart" China students Zhao Ming, when Zhang Han is really the boy next door!

" is said "happy adventure", because this is the FoShan Railway Station roadshow style really youth ~

blue and white vertical stripes are the most powerful absolute increase in juvenile and single product of embroidery, subtitle clever and texture.

" with a hole in the pants pants, although not so good-looking, but the overall shape is still worthy of praise ~

the last sentence you went to see the "wolf 2": ~

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