After seeing Wu Jing's picture in Wenchuan, he deserved more than 3 billion!

2 wolf Wu Jing the little mermaid the highest record

guanchazhewang· 2017-08-06 20:44:28

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Yi Zhuang today about 4:30 in the afternoon, the phenomenon of "wolf 2" explosion exceeded 3 billion at the box office, it is only a matter of time beyond the domestic box office champion "Mermaid" 3 billion 392 million.

"wolf 2" how hot? On the first day of release 4 hours to break 100 million at the box office; since the release of 10 consecutive days keep above 200 million also won the single day box office; Chinese single day single day box office champion; the first week at the box office record; the fastest breaking box office records 1 billion …

"wolf 2" art group or even a day more 5 Zhang Haibao, from the beginning of matting rendering dream "img_box" id= class=

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art group heart afraid is the collapse of … …

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"2" why the wolf can get the favor of the public, in addition to the crew of conscience and the details of manufacturing polished group today on micro-blog maxed the map.

2008 years in the Wenchuan earthquake rescue scene, Wu Jing told police officers with anti package relief materials handling

" tired in the flower bed and lie down

" and so on, some people questioned that Wu Jing had brought a photographer. Have you seen the face users quickly, 9 years after the hype? The comrades in mind about the sea … …

" than some broken skin can promote the flow of a star, Wu Jing. This charity is more valuable to tell the truth, if it is not stripped out, probably until now no one knows who has done so much for … …

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Wu Jing can only say that you deserve to be so red, right "wolf 2" at the box office so high!

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After seeing Wu Jing's picture in Wenchuan, he deserved more than 3 billion!

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