The workers transported 30 tons of exploration equipment by hand

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the 626 workers of the Sixth Geological Brigade of the Bureau of Geology and mineral resources of Shandong province relied solely on a light farm vehicle and moved more than 30 tons of rig equipment and were all manually installed. The process took only 3 days.

" the Shandong Provincial Bureau of geology Sixth Geological Brigade 626 crew, in the eyes of peers is the indicators of "excellent synonymous with" excellent technology, excellent style, excellent physical fitness. In June, they relied on a light farm vehicle to bypass the prairie Road, moving more than 30 tons of rig equipment and installing them all by hand. The whole process took only 3 days.

" is the work of geological exploration workers have been identified with industrial value of deposit investigation, provide reliable ore reserves and necessary geological, technical and economic data for the design of mine. This area, they went to the Inner Mongolia autonomous region Xilinguole Meng tin Dongwuqi for exploration. Early in the morning, everyone around the purchase necessities of life, from the most recent site for Bayan Suk Jin hu. More than 90 kilometers away, they took three hours to arrive. The road on the grassland is really difficult. The moving car is like a small boat floating in the sea.

workers to do as soon as possible to complete the quality and quantity of drilling tasks, lay a good foundation for the next step in the progress of planning, because they directly affect the construction process of the whole work area. View of the geological survey personnel ahead of good cloth hole, the workers as the center of the site, the location of pitch camp. The tents are learned, prairie wind, summer rain anxious catchment badly, these must be considered, but also as far as possible not to harm the grassland.

12, and a half point, the workers have a simple lunch in the tent they just set up. Cold Steamed Buns, a pickle, a piece of onion, a bottle of water, some people simply sat on the floor. Twenty minutes later, they finished lunch and threw themselves into work.

, 5 p. m., the water drawn cart went to the herdsman's well, more than ten kilometers away, to pull the first water. The workers are back from the site, busy washing the kitchen a lot of pots and pans, to ensure a smooth bed at night, eat hot meals.

does not destroy the grassland to them with wooden and plastic cloth to build a reservoir on the roadside, worried about plastic cloth is wood cut, at bottom of the canvas, the four corners of the surrounding bedding is the workers out of their old clothes and old sheets. They also groped for the experience of plugging the horse dung collected from the grass, which worked and saved money.

, near eight, sunset, the workers are still laying the bottom beam on the site. In addition to transporting by farm vehicles, the workers employ manual handling. If the tower crane is hired from the management area, not only will the working hours be prolonged, but the expenses will be more. Moreover, the large machinery will do great harm to the grassland. Captain Guo Yongen said: "purely artificial moving, we workers are accustomed to, and hard work, without three days to complete.". "

8 40", "the day is black," and the workers stop working and start preparing for the meal. Without electricity, he took out his cell phone and flashlight to light the dinner, with noodles and scrambled eggs with tomatoes. Cell phone signal is very bad, most of the time is "no service"". In ten, the tent began as Inner Mongolia Hoomei rough snoring.

, the sun rises again, workers are still shuttling between the old and new construction sites. The floormen in strength, and tough, all are versatile, repair, maintenance, electrician, welder, braided wire rope "to", it is rough.

", and so on, for the consideration of farm vehicles, the workers can only disassemble and transport huge rigs. Dismantle, install again, this virtually will give them to increase great workload.

" workers handling Motor heavy dismantled from the rig, once have good balance is easily injured.

" strain GUYLINE, let the rig as steady as Mount Tai. Grassland wind big, four corners of the rope to play the role of 42 dials.

", fourth days in the morning, six points, after debugging all parts of normal, you can start the rig. The distribution panel on the rig is very complex and the specialized electrician needs careful operation.

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The workers transported 30 tons of exploration equipment by hand