Women do not listen to discourage your anger against illegally parked police: the road is your home?

The road the driver Jinzhong Shanxi

beijingwanbao· 2017-08-07 02:53:41

recently, a woman illegally parked at the police but do not listen to the command of the video circulating on the Internet, the video driver did not obey the traffic police refused to leave the vehicle from the process, from time to time verbally abusive police. On the morning of August 4th, the traffic police officer of Shanxi Province, Jinzhong Province, said that the driver refused to drive away from the vehicle, causing serious traffic congestion and was fined 200 yuan and 3 points.

", "stop woman" and "traffic police" are arguing. The picture for video screenshot

network spread in the video, a woman driver standing beside the car and the traffic police driver debate, that he will not affect the road traffic and car parked on the side of the road, also did not obey the traffic police vehicle left will dissuade. In the course of negotiations between the two sides, the woman emotionally excited, loudly with the traffic police on duty debate, from time to time abusive police, accusing the traffic police abuse of law enforcement, and emotionally excited, said: "the road is your home?" "What's so great about being a police cop?" "Vent your discontent.

video display, the driver and traffic police on duty dispute place, the Department of yellow road line prohibited stop section.

for the incident in the video, the morning of August 4th, Shanxi City, Jinzhong province traffic police detachment through official micro-blog issued a notice. Informed that the morning of August 1st, police in Yuci District of Huayuan Road Huilong mall entrance road in the course of duty, found a car on the road illegally parked, don't leave in the police after a woman driver refused to discourage warning, serious traffic congestion caused by road. For the driver's behavior, according to the "road traffic safety law of the People's Republic of China" seventy-fifth provisions, the driver will be fined 200 yuan, 3 points in the penalty.

at the same time, Shanxi Jinzhong police remind drivers travel please obey the traffic laws and regulations, the general public should be carried out in accordance with the law, once take drastic means other serious consequences, the public security organs will pursue its legal responsibility according to law.

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