No chicken soup, what can support you all the way forward?

Chicken soup

chuangyebangzazhi· 2016-05-06 11:21:25

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when capital tends to be more calm and

as a guest and innovation pioneer you,

if the?

expert tell you to build competitive advantage,

to stand to the invincible position,

can you believe it?

chicken soup are said to stand on the shoulders of giants;

duck soup is also said to give a fulcrum, you can move the earth what!

can be crucial to the

giant every day in your side? Style=

you thought when the two,

swollen grasp it suddenly hit the spring breeze... />

small series of excited to tell you! They've arrived!

you heard blue giant?

you love us bonbon?

blue giant IBM and always accompany your entrepreneur,

we hand in hand to you to bring the following feast:

cough: first look is not a stamp in your heart?

you, focus on the development of new the application of

to have core technology;

to innovative business model;

need money, need, need promotion;

determination, help you on the road...... Style=

let the world see you!

IBM state joint venture jointly launched the "off the record support program," text-align:

provide their own core resources,"

to give you a dream to change the world,"

a leveraging the fulcrum of the future! />

take your steps! Come on! & nbsp;

5 month 11 days afternoon 14:00,

to report, the National Convention Center Hall!

in the IBM data and Analysis Application Innovation Forum

Pingsha evacuated in?

Daniel and Internet upstart dry exposure;

entrepreneurs, the developer of network communication;

mysterious robot, self rod gift, such as a give you!

field secret hit off support program, with your fun with technology and capital.


< span style= - specific agenda" font-size: 14px; ">14:00-14:05

> 14px; "Lin Xiao" Apple-tab-span "style="

14:05-14:35 > 14px;" technology investment in those things > 14px;" Li Jianwei > 14px;" Zhenge fund,


cloud interpretation of data analysis and style= font-size: 14px span>

Brian Haan < / insight; "& Yao; Ren Zhe (JC Yao)

Consulting Performance Architect and Analytics" Team Lead, IT   < span economics expert; style= font-size: 14px; line-height: 1.6; >IBM Team

15:05-15:35 14px;" >Cloudant help small Austria game to create the perfect gaming experience

Zhang Meng 14px; "> Senior Information Technology Engineer


Secret Spark and how to protect the safety of outdoor adventure limit tracking

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Li Peng "font-size: 14px;" > cloud data service


based on Hadoop platform data analysis < span class =" Apple-tab-span "style =" font size: 14px; white-space: pre; ">

Ning Jikui < span class =" Apple-tab-span "style =" font size: 14px; white-space: pre; ">

data analysis architect

, about up and jabbed at the reading of the text, quick registration! Style= font-size: "14px >

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