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" after 25 years of waiting, finally enter the human table salmon GM.

local time on August 4th, Massachusetts, AquaBounty Technologies announced that Canada has to sell customers 10000 pounds (4535 kg, 4.53 tons) AquAdvantage GM salmon. This means that in the open market, the sale of genetically modified animal food has been completed for the first time.

salmon and salmon GM normal size.

chief executive Ron Stotish said the first batch of AquAdvantage transgenic salmon's market price of $5.90 per pound (0.45 kg), but it did not disclose the specific buyers. Salmon

AquAdvantage transgenic developed by AquaBounty Technologies company, is an ordinary the Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar), generally only warm water in the spring and summer season of growth, to 3 years listed up. The researchers of two kinds of genes on the implant, a growth hormone gene of Pacific Chinook salmon, the other is the ocean cod antifreeze protein gene. The ocean cod is a Zoarcidae, containing antifreeze protein in the blood, can survive in the frigid waters frozen. To these two kinds of genes, even in the cold of the GM salmon can also grow rapidly, as long as 18 months will be able to grow up, and the head is bigger than similar non GM salmon, so it can satisfy people's consumption demand faster and more. Salmon to enter the human

AquAdvantage transgenic table from development, required by the relevant national regulatory system approved and recognized by consumers. It was a long and winding process that once closed the company with few employees and was on the verge of bankruptcy.

according to the British "nature" (Nature) magazine, AquaBounty developed this technology at the beginning of 1990s, AquaBounty started then submit an application to the government, seeking permission to sell GM salmon. In the next 25 years, salmon AquAdvantage GM has experienced a long approval.

the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved in November 2015 salmon AquAdvantage transgenic sale Canada, the relevant regulatory authorities in six months (May 2016) made the same decision. And the Canadian Ministry of Health said that sales of the salmon store need not be packaged onto genetically modified food labels. Because, according to the Canadian regulations, only labels are needed when food is likely to cause health risks, such as food allergies or significant changes in the nutritional quality of food. Obviously, Health Canada believes that this is not the case with GM salmon.

activists in the US and Canada have asked regulators to reconsider their decisions, while others file lawsuits. The Center for Food Safety, an environmental advocacy group based in Washington, D.C., sued FDA in 2016 to try to overturn FDA's decision. The organization says FDA lacks the legal authority to oversee GM animals because FDA is making decisions without giving full consideration to environmental risks.

today, the GM salmon has entered the Canadian table. But unlike Canada, the United States domestic political struggle makes salmon into the market has stalled. The U.S. government fiscal year 2017 budget law includes a provision that command FDA banned GM salmon sales, until the agency to develop the relevant program to inform consumers they are buying is GM products. Alaska California Republican Senator Murkowski (Lisa Murkowski) the provisions of the AquAdvantage she said salmon is "Frankenfish" (Frankenfish).

Stotish said, "now the AquAdvantage three class is entering the Canadian table, this statement will certainly cause again opposition.". However, he believes that GM salmon for the economy, because they can be farmed in the nearby metropolis, salmon can be brought back to the United States and Canada breeding work. He added that the AquAdvantage transgenic salmon growth in hatchery land closed, they will often encounter many disaster in marine cage culture salmon pathogens and parasites.

in fact, because of the growth in a closed environment, the GM salmon never went to the nature. Even if in the nature, the ecological system of triploid no fertility does not affect the nature of salmon.

"this is the first time we have sales, this is a very positive meaning for us, also inspired us," Stotish said, as a predictable and sustainable source of salmon, the salmon GM will have greater market.

AquaBounty Technologies now hatches fish eggs at farms in Prince Edward Island, Canada, and is raised in a Panama land tank. The company also plans to extend a site on Prince Edward Island, Canada, which was approved by local authorities in June this year. In the same month, the company also bought a fish farm in new Albany, Indiana, and waited for US regulators to approve production there.

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