Thai expert: Indian army should not enter China, and can not deploy armed forces in China

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lengbingqiyanjiusuo· 2017-08-07 06:33:23

map: India army

international online news (Chinese Radio International reporter Cui Yimeng): August 2nd, Chinese Foreign Ministry issued the "India border troops in the border crossing into the territory of the Sikkim section of Chinese Chinese facts and position" file. Recently, the reporter interviewed Thailand experts on Asia, Dean of the Thailand Institute of Asian Studies, professor. Professor

said that, in accordance with the basic norms of international relations, the India army should not enter China and continue to remain stranded. India can not deploy any armed forces on Chinese territory.

warm Hodgson said: "in accordance with the basic norms of international relations, the India army is now entering the field there is no doubt that Chinese territory, as the India army of other countries should not enter and continue this stranded in India cannot deploy any forces in the territory of China. In accordance with the basic principles of international law, India is now acting improperly. The Chinese territory, which has crossed the border into India, is very close to Bhutan, and Bhutan is a small country. Whether there is any other action in India, we need to pay more attention to it. As a whole, according to my observation of the situation, the move in India looks like releasing some signals to the Chinese government. "

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