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" a civil ruling and in taking standard period of change Chinese Red Bull pushed in the teeth of the storm. In August 6th, the Beijing Daily reporter from a trademark infringement civil trial of Guangzhou intellectual property court ruling learned that the company was in Thailand three Red Bull Tencel hold product in violation of trademark on the grounds by litigation, the three Red Bull company of first instance judgment refused to accept the appeal, but was rejected. After the operation Chinese Red Bull Fang Huabin group opened up to half of the summer promotion activities, which is interpreted as the industry dealers to appease the mood, but yiboweiping another three of the company Red Bull appeal was dismissed after the dealer how to appease emotions become a problem Red Bull trademark disputes.

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action lawsuit book is more like Thailand and China behind Red Bull Tencel comprehensive operator's comprehensive declaration". Beijing Daily reporter learned that the lawsuit is following the Thailand prosecution for taking Red Bull Tencel tank Austria Ruijin after another surfaced of litigation, Thailand is also the first prosecution of sales Red Bull tencel. As of now, Thailand has China Red Bull for Tencel cans, production and sales of Party sued.

previously, Thailand for trademark infringement lawsuit against Guangdong Tencel Red Bull vitamin drink Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Guangdong Red Bull"), Guangzhou Red Bull vitamin drink Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Guangzhou Red Bull"), Zhuhai Red Bull Beverage Sales Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhuhai Red Bull") and Guangdong AEON Tianhe City Commercial Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "AEON supermarket"). After the judgment of the first instance, three Red Bull companies refused to accept the civil ruling and appealed.

the three companies that do not conform to the prosecution behavior Thailand tanise provisions of the "PRC Civil Procedure Law", does not meet the conditions of filing. According to the level of jurisdiction and convenient litigation principle, the case shall be governed by the Guangdong Provincial Higher People's court, the Supreme People's court "Tianhe court notice" on issues related to intellectual property court cases under the jurisdiction of the understanding of errors, and the wrong amount more than 200 million yuan of foreign intellectual property cases of first instance jurisdiction over trademark infringement; the case involved with unfair competition disputes should not be consolidated. According to the trademark infringement case, Thailand Tencel deliberately connection point, Tianhe court should be no jurisdiction in this case, the jurisdiction ruling error. To sum up, the three Red Bull company request to withdraw the first instance ruling, dismissed the plaintiff Thailand tanise prosecution, or the case will be transferred to the Guangdong Provincial Higher People's court.

however, according to the ruling, Thailand entrusted our lawyers as Tencel litigation representative litigation, including authorization for writing an indictment and on behalf of the people's court proceedings. The authorization is notarized by the notary office of the country where it is located and has been legally authenticated by the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in that country. Therefore, the reasons for the above three companies are not set up, the court does not support. The appeal was rejected by the three Red Bull companies and the court upheld the original ruling, which ruled that it was final. Beijing Chinese commercial news reporters learned from the national enterprise credit information system, Guangdong Red Bull, Guangzhou Red Bull and Zhuhai Red Bull are directly or indirectly owned by China Red Bull operator Fang Huabin group.

trademarks have enemies in front and rear storm is not flat, the appeal was dismissed, Reignwood group of dealers will increase the difficulty of emotional comfort. Previously, Hua Bin group opened a six months of promotional activities, winning the total amount of up to 198 million 700 thousand yuan. Such a long time and large promotional efforts, make some industry speculation is Reignwood group has been authorized Red Bull fix trademark, Red Bull's strong marketing, not only declared a return, more is to consolidate their position of "old".

but also insiders said that the large group of Hua Bin group is hoping to sell through profit margins, not to declare the success of trademark renewal. Some analysts pointed out that, in the absence of official announcement, the only judge that Hua Bin group has finalized the use of trademark renewal contract details of the success of the media release. Including television advertising, variety titles, film and television drama implants, hot TV online video, patch ads and sports sponsorship and cooperation. The summer Pro open, for the Reignwood group is to appease the dealer mood, feed them eat a "reassurance".

, however, continue to sue for China Red Bull is not a good thing, the industry believes that the Hua Bin group sued, not only their own enterprises affected, but also hurt the cooperative enterprises, Origen was indicted as the supplier, as sales AEON supermarket sued, Thailand Tencel counterattack has begun. It is reported that Thailand Red Bull

, the parent company of Thailand TCP Group (Thailand silk company owner while) launch a new corporate image, high-profile announced plans to sales increased 3 times to $3 billion, up $300 million five year investment plan for the next five years, aims to make "the most influential brand family". The company plans to build a new factory or office in a new country each year for the next five years, according to news reports. "We are committed to China's growth potential, where we have production operations," said Xu Xinxiong, chief executive of

TCP Group"

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